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This is NOT what I meant by "I'm not in a hurry"
Old 04-09-2019, 04:50 PM
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Angry This is NOT what I meant by "I'm not in a hurry"

I'm supposed to be getting periodic checkups of my eyes because I've got (of all things) a freckle inside one eyeball.

Went for my checkup today. The building he's in has park-and-pay, and it ain't cheap. I lucked out and got a one-hour free pass from somebody who was just leaving (and yes, I do reciprocate whenever possible).

So in I go, and I get the drops in my eyes that give you pupils like Little Orphan Annie, and I get taken to an interior waiting room. There's five other people there, but some are accompanying other patients, so there's actually only 3 people ahead of me. All three get called into examining rooms in quick succession.

Aaaand I'm still waiting.

Another gentleman is brought into the waiting room.

He gets taken into an examination room.

I'm still waiting.

After two hours, I finally decide enough's enough. As I'm leaving, I glance at the paperwork in one of those wall-mounted holders. It's presumably the paperwork for the next patient to be called into an examining room.

It's my paperwork.

By this point, though, I'm fairly sure I've already got a parking ticket (the freebie pass having expired an hour ago) and I'm thoroughly ticked off anyway -- not to mention there's no telling how long I'd be sitting in the examining room -- so I just keep walking.

In an attempt not to show up here as an SC I did not yell at anybody, but I admit to being pretty curt and short when I said I wanted to reschedule as I'd already been waiting for two hours. She asked if I wanted a post-lunch appointment so I'd be the first one seen (oh yeah? Would that perchance depend on when the doctor actually leaves for lunch and thus when he returns?)

Does anybody else think it would be nice of staff to be allowed to say "Look, we're running way behind; does anybody here want to reschedule?" rather than just leaving you sit there? Obviously if it's something urgent you won't want to ... but as far as I know, this is not urgent, and I'd have been more than happy to leave a lot earlier (bug eyes and all).

On the bright side, I learned that if you buy something from the building's little cafe, you can get a token for the parking meters (not sure how long it lasts; I'd guess about an hour). Although the prices at said cafe are something else: $10 for a latte and muffin ...
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Old 04-10-2019, 04:51 AM
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Yes, they should definitely tell you if they're running behind, but it sounds to me more like they f'ed up their scheduling, because why would someone who came in after you be taken before you? If he had something more urgent, they should have told you there was a good reason why you were waiting.

Two hours is ridiculous. Your time has value too. Plus those drops wear off after a while!
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