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Yesterday, today or tomorrow ...
Old 01-13-2019, 11:45 PM
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Default Yesterday, today or tomorrow ...

When we do price adjustments, for whatever reason, we are supposed to fill out a (very annoying) form each time. Among the information to be included is the invoice number. It's not unusual for me to forget this, since it's not unusual for me to pull the receipt off the register and hand it to the customer without remembering to record the invoice number.

There is a way to look it up, however, and I've finally learned how 'tis done.

However ...

I was trying to look up the invoice number for a price adjustment the other day, and could not find the item, no matter what search terms I used.

Frustrated, I finally called over the head cashier and explained the problem. She peered at the monitor.

"Well," she said, "it's probably because you're searching January 11, and today is January 12 ..."

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