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Quoth TheWolfEmperor View Post
Whelp, we now know who cut the cheese.

Cheese jokes aside, I wonder if those ladies only ask you because it's the only consistency in their lives.
Could be. My customers are a strange bunch. They often try to order things that we don't have, and sometimes get pissy about it. A lady who wanted Italian beef, and was mad we didn't have it, even though our restaurant is "known" for it.

She was the only one who has tried to order that in the quarter century of doing this.

Then we can go into those who are pissed they can't get 5 burgers for $1, like they could back in the 50's, when they were making 50 cents an hour.

But, enough ranting.
"Life is tough. It's even tougher if you're stupid" Redd Foxx as Al Royal - The Royal Family - Pilot Episode - 1991.
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