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Please, get off the road.
Old 07-13-2018, 04:12 PM
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Default Please, get off the road.

I have a sharp turn to make to get to the driveway for the building where I work. The intersection is a Y and I turn from one arm of the Y into the other, making it about a 150 degrees or so. The arm of the Y onto which I turn has a stop sign, since it connects at a bend in the main road.

This morning, I signaled my turn as I came up to the center of the Y. A caravan with a trailer was approaching the stop sign on the other arm. It then rolled through the sign and finally stopped when the trailer was fully past the stop sign, meaning the entire vehicle is now blocking the intersection. I was going to grumble about someone just running the sign, but the driver stopped as I pulled up next to them. To make the picture as clear as I can, I'm turning left, from one arm of the Y to the other, and the caravan driver is making a 'left' turn from her arm of the Y onto the main road. Because she pulled so far out, we're side by side and if I turn, I will T-bone her vehicle. Yay, letters!

The woman driving the caravan looks at me, smiles, and waves for me to move ahead.

I point that I'm turning and wave her to move out of the way.

She then rolls down her window to shout something at me.

I roll down my window, expecting she is lost.

Me: 'Tis I!

Idiot: Is self explanatory

Idiot: Hi, just go around so I can go, please!

Me: You're blocking the intersection, I can't just go around, please just go, since you've already run the stop sign.

Idiot: I did not! Do you see a line? THERE'S NO LINE!

Me: *looking at empty road in front of us* Right, there's no traffic, so just go.


Me: Lady, just f***ing go, please!

Idiot: NO! Not after you lied.

Me: Fine, the stop line is about half a car length behind your trailer. It's in the road, parallel to the sign and perpendicular to the lane. I'll take a picture with my phone so you can see it. Just pull ahead and I'll show you. *takes out phone hoping she'll move and I'll just be on my way because I don't need to prove this point*

In the meantime, a line of cars has begun building up behind me, and the person directly behind me lays on their horn and shouts "JUST F***ING MOVE YOUR A**, LADY!"

Idiot: F*** YOU, BOTH! *revs her engine loudly, I assume to peel out in anger, but with a caravan pulling a trailer it's just loud revving and a sedate pace out of the way. Finally.*

I wave to the guy behind me as I pull through and drive the last 300 feet to the driveway at work.

But, seriously, if you saw the sign, you should stop even with the sign, even if there is no line. They just repainted this entire intersection, though, so there is a very clear stop line with the giant STOP letters painted in front of it. If you cannot see that, then please, get off the road because you are a danger to everyone else. And also an idiot.
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