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Old 07-07-2018, 11:53 AM
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Quoth jedimaster91 View Post
Delicious with a side of 'taters and dressing, though.
What's taters Precious?
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Old 07-09-2018, 01:39 PM
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I like my Coffee Black Rifle and my tea in the harbor.
I can get behind 2 elements of ‘gun control’:

Windage and Elevation.
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Old 07-10-2018, 12:32 AM
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Quoth TheWolfEmperor View Post
What's taters Precious?
That's what some folks call potatoes.
"I don't have to be petty. The Universe does that for me."
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Old 07-13-2018, 08:53 PM
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Quoth Dreamstalker View Post
Wasn't the national bird supposed to be the turkey?
At least you haven't got a fat,waddling rodent with buck teeth...
Customer service: More efficient than a Dementor's kiss
~ Mr Hero
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