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A joke list for all my fellow native Arizonans out there (most especially Jester)
Old 10-05-2008, 09:45 PM
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Default A joke list for all my fellow native Arizonans out there (most especially Jester)

You know you're an Arizonan when:

1) You think any temperature under 90 degrees is "too cold."

2) You're surrounded by more Mexican restaurants than gas stations.

3) You start sweating the moment you step outside your house.

4) Your air conditioning bill is at least three times your phone bill.

5) You think an "exotic vacation" means going to Nogales, Mexico for the weekend.

6) You eat chips and salsa for breakfast.

7) You show up to a high-profile interview wearing a bolo tie.

8) You shout "Go Devils!" every time you see Griffindor playing Quidditch in a Harry Potter movie.

9) You think Wallace and Ladmo is high-brow humor.

10) You laugh at the naive tourists from around the world buying worthless souvenirs from the Grand Canyon's many tourist traps.

11) You own more water bottles than pens and pencils.

12) You have to peel yourself off the sofa.

13) You have fans to keep your fans cool.

14) You think rain is a miracle.

15) Everyone in your neighborhood is a do it yourself mechanic.

16) You use chili peppers as stocking stuffers for Christmas.

17) Hard work holds a certain fascination for you. You wonder how in the hell those Mexicans can do it.

18) Cinco de Mayo (unofficially known as "Drinko de Mayo") is a paid state holiday.

19) You hold tailgate parties in the dead of night--and you're still sweating like a pig!

20) You can tape a summer weather forecast and replay it daily without anyone knowing the difference.

21) "Formal dining" means you stop using paper plates for a night.

22) Political diversity is beloved--you can see Democrats, Libertarians, Independents AND moderate Republicans hung up in town square!

23) You get drunk on Whiskey Row in Prescott and wonder where $100 went.

24) You laugh at snowbirds when they say it's hot.

And finally, you REALLY know you're an Arizonan when...
25) "roughing it" means going FIVE WHOLE MINUTES without air conditioning!!!

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