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All the sewing stories remind me of when my sister and I used to do dance in primary and high school.

Mum loves sewing. She finds it relaxing. She used to run her own market stall in the eighties and early nineties selling all hand made baby to 4 year old stuff. Think t-shirts, skirts, pants, overalls, dresses (with nappy covers for the babies and over knickers for the older girls) and some dolls clothes. She was never going to get rich, but it was good extra money at the time.

So when we started dancing, mum offered to help make costumes. It was a small school in a blue collar area, so everything was done as cheaply as possible. We didn't do competitions, we only had a concert at the end of each year where each age group would do 4 or 5 songs. A lot of the time, the costumes were our black leotard with a skirt or something simple added.

But with the more complicated costumes (or for people that couldn't thread a needle), mum would make the whole thing for a small fee. The amount of parents that would bitch about a $20 for 3 costumes to be done. So they started sewing nights. A few of the experienced people that had sewing machines would get together and anyone that wanted to either learn to make the costumes themselves or couldn't afford the small fee would come and use the machines. So many decided that sewing was 'oh my god so haaarrrddd! How can you do this?' and they stopped bitching about the small fee to have the costumes made for them. Others loved that they could now do things for themselves like hems and buttons.

(My aunty also loved the early years because she used to sew on the sequins and beads for those that really couldn't thread a needle. Again, for a small fee.)
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