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I was irritated on their behalf. (behalves?)
Old 07-18-2020, 04:32 AM
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Default I was irritated on their behalf. (behalves?)

Small thing, but overhearing it was so annoying. I was at the dealership for a service, sitting in the spaced out waiting area. An older (but not elderly) man is hanging out near the fancy coffee machine. A young employee walks by and he just starts talking without saying excuse me or can you help me or anything.

Entitled Guy: I don't know how to use this.
Employee: I can help you! What do you want? Coffee, latte, mocha-
Entitled Guy: Mocha.

He turns and walks over to the seating area and waits for her to make his coffee and bring it to him.

Employee: Here you go!
Entitled Guy: *silence*

Okay, I know it's not a big deal, but it was super awkward and she didn't say she'd make it for him, she's not a barista. It was like he wanted to seem important and above her. Since he was spending a lot of money (was he though?) he didn't have to treat her like a human, with basic courtesy.

Also while I was there I overheard half of a phone conversation where the side I could hear repeated how many oil changes were included in whatever plan the customer had. She said it like three times, then said something like "I assure you these are what's included. *pause* My name is ****" And she got off the phone and told her counterpart at the desk that the customer told her she didn't know what she was talking about. What is with people? Yeah they sell cars and car salespeople don't have the best reputation but this was so random and unprovoked.
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