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Line moron
Old 07-29-2020, 02:27 AM
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Default Line moron

Doing my shopping and the store wasn't even busy so I don't get why this was an issue. I've got one person in front of me, wait for them to finish then I start offloading my cart. I hear "excuse me, I was in line", I know it's not for me so I pretty much ignore it, but there is a woman in a lane a couple over, and another standing in the middle of our 2 lanes. The woman tells her that she is not in the line and carries on. But this woman has decided that this store is on a single line system (it is not), and she can stand where ever she chooses and that is her place in line. Okay, whatever lady, get in behind the woman who lined up properly and has 2 items, get in behind me as I am seconds away from finishing, whatever, just get a life. But she won't give it up, she begins pestering the other woman, telling her that she was there first, she won't give it up.

Finally I have heard enough and tell her "okay, she is too polite to call you stupid, I am not, you are an idiot, you were not in line." Oh yes she was. "It is not a single line system in this store, are you too stupid to figure this out, just as you are too stupid to know that you should not being going into the 8 items or less line with 20 items in your cart in the first place?" But she was there first. "Okay, obviously you are too stupid to figure this out then, have a nice day."

I couldn't quite tell if the cashiers were terrified or entertained, I think it was a little of both.
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Old 07-29-2020, 02:37 AM
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A SC claiming to be in line while standing randomly in the middle of nowhere? Classic. It's nice to see something normal, lol.
Replace anger management with stupidity management.
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