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Old 08-08-2018, 05:19 AM
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"I have a theory that the minute some people step into a store their IQs drop 20 points. I call it Shopping Associated Lobotomy Effect (SALE)" – xeno_prism_power, reddit.
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I have an update!!
Old 08-28-2018, 01:39 AM
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Default I have an update!!

I am excited that I have an update and tl;dr, it's a positive one!

In the weeks since my encounter with Assy McDirtbag, he has been calling in his orders early in the morning before I get to work (I start later than the store opening) and having his guys pick up the order (yes, he pre-pays) later in the day. He has been dealing pretty much exclusively with the store manager.

Today the manager left early and I was covering the register. I saw the caller ID and almost didn't pick up until I put my bootstraps on and pulled a Call Center Trick by plastering a huge fake smile on my face before answering. I was shocked, SHOCKED, that when he heard my voice, he was like, "Hi this is Assy from Jerkwad Company. I need X cases of Product Y."

I said ok, that'll be "$Z.00" and he gave me his credit card info. I put the order together on a cart and he came in himself to pick it up! No sass, no crudeness, just a hello and an "Am I all set?" I said yep and he left with a "Have a nice day!"

...I don't know guys, did I wake up in a parallel universe?
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Old 08-28-2018, 06:21 AM
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Maybe he finally got on the right meds.
When you start at zero, everything's progress.
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Old 08-28-2018, 11:38 AM
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Maybe your manager gave him a dressing down and said that if he was ever anything other than polite to his staff then the customer would be denied service?
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Old 08-28-2018, 01:58 PM
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Quoth greek_jester View Post
Maybe your manager gave him a dressing down and said that if he was ever anything other than polite to his staff then the customer would be denied service?
It's quite possible. Many business owners are realizing that some customers are not worth keeping.
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