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Old 11-25-2009, 01:51 PM
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Quoth CrazedClerkthe2nd View Post
I already plan to build a LEGO village and put it on display once I finally break my massive bin of bricks from storage.
That's what I plan on doing...when I get the basement cleaned up. Right now, there are MG upholstery bits (mainly carpets, but the rear seat too) on the workbench, and just clutter all over the place. Most of my Legos were stored in 5-gallon drums, or plastic boxes, which have been carefully hidden in the closet. But, when I finally get the basement cleaned up...my Lego city will rise again!

Still bugs the hell out of me that I can't get more track for the Lego trains, and that my Santa Fe F unit literally towers over the rest of my railroad equipment.
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Old 11-25-2009, 04:42 PM
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Just to jump back to a different tangent for a moment -- specifically the one about tickets...

When the Saints came back to the Dome for their first home game vs Atlanta after the big K, my brother came to town in search of tickets. He couldn't get any in advance, so he brought a sign with him to the venue offering "money, pizza coupons and first born child for Saints tix" (he is GM of a pizza joint)...He still has the newspaper article that mentioned it somewhere around his house ~_~

One of the people *ahem* re-selling tix outside was laughing so hard at the sign that he sold my brother tix for the actual base value printed on them (rather than 3-5x their value) ^_^

And no, he never had to part with the kid
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Quoth Green_Fairy View Post
it just boggles my mind. i can kinda imagine corporate heads cackling and rubbing their hands together..."yesss...mass riots yess...we feed on the hysteria....the workers fear is like candy...muahahahaah!!"
They do feed on the hysteria, and it's disgusting. Because they advertise that not getting whatever stupid thing at whatever price is somehow going to ruin the holidays and make you a bad parent/sibling/child/etc to ensure that as many gullible vidiots who worship the boob tube will show up and spend money at their establishments.

I'm not even sure I've ever bought anything on the Friday after Thanksgiving outside of just random shopping like I do any other day of the year.
Quoth Dreamstalker View Post
(I was looking for the Ecto-1 ornament that Hallmark released this year.
Gee... why does that not surprise me.

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Old 11-26-2009, 03:45 AM
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Hm. I think the only fad I was into was Beanie Babies, still have 3 boxes worth in the garage. I also have a Cabbage Patch doll somewhere, I have no idea where and I never played with her anyway. Oh! Holiday Barbies! I used to have a collection of them going for several years, then they stopped them. They've recently started again.

Someone refresh my memory-was K'Nex ever a fad? Oh I LOVE those things so much, they are awesome. "May Cee Boore" craft stores have them and I might need to buy myself one kit, since my brother's one is hidden in the deepest recesses of the garage.
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Old 11-26-2009, 03:47 AM
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Expensive fad and probably pretty local but I still have my pool table from when all my friends were getting one.

Actually I just recently bought it off my little brother who got it when our dad passed.

Old 11-26-2009, 03:55 AM
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Quoth CrazedClerkthe2nd View Post
What's wrong with playing with Legos as a grownup? There could be far worse things to spend your time on. I already plan to build a LEGO village and put it on display once I finally break my massive bin of bricks from storage.
I didn't say there was anything wrong with it at all. That post was about how I like Protege's willingness to embrace hios inner child. It's a good quality to have.

Old 11-26-2009, 05:31 AM
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Another fad I remember going nuts over was Magic the Gathering when it was introduced back in 1992 (or 93?) and we would scour the Metro Detroit area for comic stores, hobby shops or whatever else would sell them. I remember finding a bookstore that carried them. It was pretty cool. I think after selling a few cards, I might have broke even.

Old 11-26-2009, 12:01 PM
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Quoth mikoyan29 View Post
Another fad I remember going nuts over was Magic the Gathering
A friend of mine forgot his deck and when I tried to give them back he said I could keep them for now he suddenly wanted them back when I figured out how to win in very few rounds with his deck.

Some of you guys probably already know it, but this seems appropriate
Old 11-26-2009, 02:39 PM
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Default Some of you guys probably already know it, but this seems appropriate


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I love Lego.

And I can't build anything but walls and houses.

But I don't own any. The kids have a ton, and I can play with them anytime I want.

They build elaborate shit 'cause they're awesome that way. Both of them amaze me with the stuff they come up with.

The amount of willpower it takes to NOT take any sets they get and build them all myself is huge. It will be a very Lego Christmas. Maybe. heh If it weren't 100ish dollars, I'd totally buy them this set. And then I'd steal the Ewoks, and they'd be all mine...

I know that there are usually black friday deals regarding Lego, at places like TRU and whatnot, but...yeah, my kids can wait. Plus, I'll be at work, where we don't sell lego.

Related: I have had customers ask me where the lego section is. Apparently telling them "Walmart" isn't an appropriate answer.

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