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Old 10-08-2019, 10:49 AM
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When I actually worked at the garage, we used to get customers like that all the time. They drive the car for YEARS and finally something needs to be fixed. After that fix, everything that happens to their car was caused by the garage.
One lady was especially memorable. She not only claimed that every new problem was caused by us, she swore and threatened me (tried to get me fired, which was laughable), then she threatened to send her husband over to beat me up.
The boss wasn't pleased, although he did tell me that the husband was a very reasonable kind of guy, so nothing to worry about there. But he did offer to call the cops for me. I didn't need them. The lady said she wasn't going to pay for any more repairs, so the mechanic put the car back together, and the boss told them to come get their car off the lot before he had it towed.
The husband came in the next day and tried to wheedle the boss into getting all of the repairs done, but the boss said he'd only do it for $10,000, so they took the car away.

I got the feeling that they abused a lot of small shops that way, threatening their way into free work, and they were running out of shops to abuse. Too bad so sad.
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