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Just how annoyed do parts guys get if a customer walks in with the old part in a bag as a sample of what is needed? I do make sure I know the essentials of the car (make/model/year/engine), but am otherwise pretty clueless on car stuff, so if DH has to send me on a parts run, he sends the old part with me or a printout from the parts store's website.
I prefer you bring in the old part. That way we are both sure that the new one is correct.
I can't count how many times they "customer" that can barely articulate what they need makes the pronouncement that the part I bring him or her s not the right one.
I have had people looking at my screen want to pick their part based on a price they see without noticing that the price is for a completely different part. They feel that they have caught me scamming them.
I have others that after asking them many questions, year, make, model, engine, transmission, 2 or 4 wheel drive and such will then ask if the part I just pulled off the shelf is for their car. "That's for my Cadillac, right?" No, I just asked all that for fun and then got you a random part off the shelf.
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