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So I may be going back into study...
Old 04-17-2015, 08:45 AM
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Default So I may be going back into study...

Bit of background: in my current state (NSW), there is government funding for "vocational/trade" courses where they'll subsidise your training by somewhere between 50-75% (roughly). Meaning that a typical course might cost somewhere around $3000 if you're full-fee paying but if you're subsidised, it'll be more like $1500. There are further exemptions for if you're receiving welfare of some kind, have a disability or are ATSI.

In my case, I normally wouldn't qualify for the subsidy since my previous course was much higher than the one I'm planning on doing...BUT...there's a provision that states that if you had to leave your job due to a disability (for all intents and purposes, I did) and if you're retraining, you're entitled to one course for free per year up to a certain point. The course I'm applying for is an admin one, which will cover a variety of different roles, although I opted for the legal focus. (there are four "streams" you can do for this particular course: generic, legal, medical and education. Turns out the education one was for people already working in school admin who just needed an update in their skills, medical was immediately off my list since I cannot deal well with sick people and crappy doctors which left legal and generic: I went for legal because it opens up more opportunities [ie "generic admin roles + legal admin roles"])

Turns out that there's 3 "institutes" in NSW I could apply to do my course online through-the one I currently work at (and I opted not to do my course there for 2 reasons: 1) Nobody knows about my disability and I did not want it coming out that way [if at all*] and 2) there is a LOT of judgemental BS that goes on around these courses**) and two regional ones. I opted for one of the regional ones, sent off my application and fingers crossed.

If all goes well I'll be doing a Cert III Legal Administration course (not the actual name). It'll allow me to work in administrative roles anywhere PLUS do legal work.

*-my managers are aware as is the girl I'm currently relieving. That's how I plan on keeping it.
**-the building I'm in handles all the "online" courses, there's no face-to-face contact with students, so there's a LOT of judgemental bitching about students that goes on there. More specifically it pertains to students who are on any sort of concession or exemption and how they "shouldn't" be doing certain courses. -.- I know it'll happen out at the institute I'm going through, but my plan is to let them have their bitching, then blow them away with my AMAZING work
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