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Meanwhile, back at the barn.
Old 03-02-2017, 06:01 PM
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Default Meanwhile, back at the barn.

This us the same customer both times FYI.

1st case
The barn I work at, for those of you who haven't read my previous post of an incident, caters to the ridiculously rich. The kind that can drop a couple thousand on a whim for whatever their flavour of the week is.

This barn does everything from board, lessons, training, to selling.

So this one lady comes in and buys this honestly gorgeous Andalusian/Arabian cross for her daughter. She seems quite knowledgeable and can follow along with the jargon, knows what to look for and then tells me that she will send the person she was hired by over to talk. Fine I don't care give us a call blah blah blah, the usual spiel. Now I'm feeling pretty good for once. As the horse was quite expensive and we get a cut out of sales. The human seemed to know what they were talking about which is a nice change of pace from the usual.

The next day *que jaws theme*

The woman who comes in is quite obviously one of those people I hate dispose and loath. Self entitled is about the kindest thing I can call her. You will see why later.

Now apparently she has a daughter and that's who the horse was going to be ridden by. Since that sets up a red flag (given who my clientele usually is) I ask the usual how old and how long have they been riding.

Nine years old.

Never been on a horse in her life.

I know immediately that this is NOT the horse for a beginner rider regardless of how well trained he is.

First of all he's a stallion (we don't geld horses that are born at the stables), young (6yrs) and is a combination of two hot blooded breeds. Arabians are considered 'high strung' mostly from people who don't exercise them enough or let them get bored. Arabians get bored easily and when bored they have a tendency, just like a small child, of finding ways to relieve said boredom. Creatively. They are also easily excited. Andalusians, while my favourite breed and absolutely stunning were originally bred for war. Just as the Arabians were. Where most cultures who used cavalry breed their war horses to be big and dumb (makes them easier to train and less likely to say screw you when confronted with humans flailing sharp objects around) there are a few cultures (like the ones who breed Arabs and Andalusians for instance) who bred for intelligence and loyalty. They also have some traits that while desirable in a horse of war are much less so in a children's pony. For instance they are usually (if properly trained and handled) very sensitive to the slightest que of their rider. From leg to hand to a simple change in seat... They will react.

Now if your knowledge of riding doesn't go much farther then squeeze to go pull to slow... You can see where there may be problems. Now multipy that tenfold because you're dealing with a young stallion.

I eventually convince her that the little quarter horse/Andalusian cross is a much better choice. And look! She's shorter so your child will have less hassle getting on and they're even the same gender! The mare looks almost like a full Andalusian but has the personality of a quarter horse.

So we do the transaction and she is having the horse loaded for her (I guess in those high heels she couldn't even manage to lead a horse up a ramp. Who wears heels to a stable anyway?)

Then she asks if I can paint the horse like my little pony.

Personal opinion here, if your child is young enough to idolize my little pony to the degree that two weeks later you are still parking in front of the barn (she got kicked off the premises after the next incident) then it's too young for the responsibility of a horse.

2nd case
Same lady as before.

I have my own horses now(finally) and have been riding competitively for 15yrs. I have also been saving for 15yrs plus show winnings to get my own horse so I wouldn't have to ride other people's animals in whatever show in whatever discipline (even if their horse is better suited to something else)

I am now the (possibly obsessively) proud owner of two horses (only because I got them at an incredible deal (it pays to network). An (black, white star) Arabian from the Dubai Arabian Stud farm and and (Perlino coloured) Andalusian stallion.

Anyway, occasionally I board my Andalusian overnight at the barn I work at (in exchange I usually have to pull being a riding instructor instead of just training the horses. (Horses are much nicer to deal with when you don't have to contend with their owners sometimes) It's easier to get to the ferries from there so when I want to compete overseas I don't have to spend an hr trying to direct the person hired to trailer my horse. I can just trailer, plane, quarantine, compete. It's also closer to trails and has better faculties. My boss knows this and doesn't care.

Today I was in the ring (designated for boarders with a big BOARDERS ONLY sign. I've been practicing (and by practicing I mean showing off for my friends who were riding with me) working on the piaffe and the levade because I really need to work on my collection... And because they require a lot of balance (both horse and rider) leg, contact, and seat. It's also a suitably impressive movement. Aside from the technical skill required they are also very showy.

When I notice the watching.

My own personal stalker.

I move onto more forward movements, to give my horse a break from all the collection. Later on I've got my horse tied to a post outside (he likes to squish humans against the wall when they try to leave the stall otherwise). I duck inside the barn for a second to grab the blanket (it's unseasonably cold here, we even had that horrible white stuff) and I come out to the leading my horse away. Um excuse you, not your horse lady!

Apparently because I wouldn't sell her the horse she originally was going to buy (hello idiot, children and young hot blooded stallions DO NOT mix) and because I wouldn't paint her mare like my little pony for her child I should sell her MY PERSONAL horse (at an insulting price) or at least offer to stud for her mate (for free? What world do you live in lady). No asking at all. She was taking MY HORSE to a quote 'safe place to wait while we reached an agreement.' When I told her there was no chance of her breeding to my horse regardless of what she paid me (because she tried to walk off with him!) and I am in NO WAY INTERSTED in selling (it took me 15yrs to save for that horse and I worked my butt off.)

Put it this way, common colours and no noteworthy lineage, with basic under saddle training generally start at on the cheap side $25,000. Perlino is a rare colour. He's a stallion so he's going to be worth more then a mare. There's a few noteworthy names in his line which drives the price up again. Not to mention he's well trained in dressage. With a great personality. I haven't shown him in anything but small time local shows so far but he's placed top of all his classes so far. I'm taking him overseas this summer.

And this lady basically wanted a free pass to my horse.

I don't even let my friends ride him without supervision and I've known most of them since I started riding!

When I reiterated that I wasn't selling and I wasn't going to put him out to stud for her. She told me, and I quote 'well I won't have my pony much longer then.' And 'don't I know how much money [she has]'. (First of all he's 16hh, not a pony! Second he's my horse and you can't force me to sell him)

Then she refused to give the rope back so I unclipped the halter. I knew due to how I've trained him in Liberty work that he would go to stand at my right shoulder and would follow like a puppy. Which he did. (And the apple in my hand had nothing to do with it I swear) I walked him back to his stall leaving the to stand there with my empty halter. Before people tell me I took a risk and things could have turned out differently, I already know.

But she wasn't giving the rope back and I could see him becoming more agitated. Her screeching and flailing didn't help. If I had tried to grab the line and wrestled it back we both would have been hurt for sure and if I had let her go on as she was then the horse would have reared up and struck her, would have turned around and kicked out, or would have taken a chunk out of her with his teeth. I didn't want to run the risk that she would retaliate or that I'd get my horse put down for being 'dangerous' because let's face it money talks.

By unclipping the line I have him an escape (which was what he really wanted) and the stable's are enclosed so there wasn't a risk of traffic. Worse thing that would happen is if have to catch a loose horse. He's extremely well behaved for a stallion. I can take him on trails with just a neck rope and the only thing he does around a mare is try to look impressive. He's still entirely under my control he just gets really flashy. Once he had an escape he did his little circle buck stomp look over, okay I'm fine, and went right to where he would have been if I had a lead attached to him.

It is not a recommended action and can be highly dangerous. I've known him since he was a foal, I trained him. I eventually was able to buy him. That's a lot of time to build a relationship and to get to know how each others minds work. Do not let a horse loose like that unless you A: know what you're doing. B: you are in an appropriate space (riding ring, round pen, enclosed field for grazing, etc. Preferably with supervision because things do go wrong regardless of how long you've been working with horses or how well you think you know the horse you're dealing with.


She was charged but she managed to get all the charges to be a monetary compensation or a fine. Bright side, I'm a lot richer. Downside. She's actually got the to track down where I board my horses. And she found my Arab mare who gave birth a little while ago to twins . I'm not sure what the kind of genetics are going on there but I've got twins boy and girl who both have odd coat colours that will hopefully stay that way.

Downside... She tried yet again to steal my babies. This time the actual babies. The not yet weaned babies. The ones under a very much overprotective mare.(her first birth). She was a little to far from the fence to get over in time. My Arab has no problem with people petting her foals. Since I board close to a school I made certain that she wouldn't freak out if one of the kids wanted to pet them or if they had a lapse in intelligence and jumped the fence to touch them. Kids will be kids and all. I know I've certainly done some dumb things. But the most she will do is get between people and her foals... If the ones approaching her are smaller then her. Adults on the other hand... I always thought if they had made it that far in life they would know better then to get between a mother and their young.

According to the cameras, the mare did her usual impression of an unmovable wall. Gave all the usual annoyed horse signs: ears back teeth bared head shaking and half rearing... And still the woman didn't take the hint. At least she had the sense to wear runners this time. Really, 1200 lbs of angry muscle challenges you and you don't take the hint. When the horse refused to move she actually had the audacity to hit her! With a whip! Like the kind that looks like the child of a lunge whip and a bull whip. She drew blood. Against. My. Horse! You can see on the tape where the mare just freezes. I have NEVER hit my horses. I don't need a riding crop because A: my horses aren't leg deaf and lazy. And B: they are properly trained and introduced to humans and being under saddle. Usually they are all to eager to please.

That's when the mare flips out. Chased the human down (who at least had the common sense to run) and basically knocked her over. Gave her a good bite before turning around and kicking her a few times. Then she went back to her foals. The Stupid Human (I believe those words need capitalization now) barely has any injuries compared to what could have happened. Her coat took the worst of the bite and it bruised nicely but didn't break skin. (She was wearing one of those big thick coat with the fur collars. She no doubt has some pretty bruises from being knocked to the ground. She has a sprained wrist from landing badly and a broken leg from being stepped on and broken rib (one rib, the floating rib at the very bottom of the rib cage). The only reason we even know that was because with all the noise (my horses aren't noisy) my friend (who's place in boarding at) came to see what was going on. Found her and an irritated mare. Brought her inside and did the standard what happened, let me check for injuries, do you want an ambulance... Etc questions. Then checked the security cameras while they waited for the paramedics. (Reported she tried to talk him out of checking the tapes and now we know why) she threatened to sue and we informed her that she could if she wanted but we weren't going to take it laying down, oh and btw you do realize you just tried to commit Theft over $5000 which if I seem to recall is something like two years minimum here in jail. I hope you like orange. I arrived when he was looking at the security footage so my temper might not have been the best. I banished myself to the barn to take lots and lots of pictures and to talk to the vet. (Who apparently isn't allowed to treat the animal until the police come as the wound was not life threatening or causing the animal to be a danger to others) the vet's a nice guy and said given the circumstances he wouldn't be billing me. Though I'm betting he'll get his payment from somewhere.

So far the list (still incomplete) of charges against her are as follows:
Theft over $5000
Damage to private property exceeding a certain amount (I can't remember the exact amount. Sadly animals are considered 'property' as defined by the law here)
Reckless endangerment.
A whole slew of animal cruelty laws. Fun thing is that while animals are considered property here you can still get them with an aditional charge of stealing a pet.
Trespassing with intent to cause harm to the 'inhabitants' (though I doubt we can make that stick as horses are thought of as property by the legal system)
Endangerment of a minor. (Since my friend is not yet a legal adult and she caused an incident that prompted him to have to walk into a potentially dangerous situation. Not to mention that with another mare he might have had to try physical means of dissuading her from continuing to attack, which would have put him in danger of being kicked l, stepped on, bitten, or otherwise harmed.)
Some law about intentionally orchestrating a situation that could cause harm.
Some 'emotional distress' laws
And my lawyer (who could make a shark look like a tiny aquarium fish with how ruthlessly vicious he can be) is even trying to get something to the effect of theft from another country brought into it. (The mare and foals are all registered with our registry and with the ones in Saudia Arabia and Dubai. Not entirely certain how Saudia Arabia works. It might have to do with the parentage of the mare? Or hell, it could just meet certain criteria for all I know. Never cared to know much about registry since I'm not a breeder.) I do show overseas (a lot. The prize money allows me to keep up the traveling)


Newest update on the situation:

The mare is dead now due to stress related colic and complications from her previous abuse at her last owner's. (Stuff that was completely under control until this shit went down)

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That second episode is just

She was taking YOUR horse to a "safe place to wait while we reached an agreement"?? Hey, let's try that with her BMW! "Just parking it somewhere safe, ma'am, while we reach an agreement on the selling price!"
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More money than brains apparently rings true in that woman's case. I don't pretend to know a ton about horses, but I know you don't put a brand new rider on a spirited animal! And for her to actually take it upon herself to touch your beauty? You showed a lot more restraint than I would have in that situation - she would have been missing a couple of teeth and sporting a black eye or two.

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She actually called a horse a pony.....



No, that's not a joke, my brain is ACTUALLY HURTING.
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I hope your state/province hasn't updated their laws... in re: horse thieves.
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And here is another reason that horses are different than motorcycles. My bike wouldn't object to being moved by a stranger to an unknown "safe place". My cats certainly would and horses are like a 200 times bigger than a cat.

If I'm handling a frightened cat, I am usually wearing heavy leather gauntlets, thick clothes and goggles. If I had to handle an upset animal 200 times the size of a cat with teeth the corresponding size, I'd have to call in the Marines.

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What I know about horses could fill a thimble, but even I know the difference between a horse and a pony. I also know to stay clear of horses.

I used to show dogs, and you aren't supposed to pet a dog without asking permission, because some dogs don't like strangers. I'm sure some horses don't, either.

Edited to add: I looked up the Perlino coloring. Beautiful.

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Please tell me the police were called on this thief?

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I'm curious where she thought she was taking him. Did she have a trailer there? I can't picture the horse allowing her to put him in a trailer. She's an idiot though. I hope you can at least try to get her banned.

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Quoth AkaiKitsune View Post
Then she asks if I can paint the horse like my little pony.
are you fucking serious?, but of course you are, but is she? I'm surprised you didn't see little Veruca holding an airbrushed pocket dog because she wantiteeedd iiiittt noooww.

Quoth AkaiKitsune View Post
I am now the (possibly obsessively) proud owner of two horses (only because I got them at an incredible deal (it pays to network). An (black, white star) Arabian from the Dubai Arabian Stud farm and and (Perlino coloured) Andalusian stallion.
I don't know horses and I get lost in some of the lingo but I know Dubai and dammm that is impressive.

Quoth AkaiKitsune View Post
I come out to the leading my horse away. Um excuse you, not your horse lady!
oh hell fucking no! no no nope and no...I don't care if it was just fished out of Chincoteague or one of your standing. I "forcefully" explained why a breaker bar is called that when someone tried to help themselves to my tool box, I would not have been as nice.

Quoth AkaiKitsune View Post
Then she refused to give the rope back so I unclipped the halter. I knew due to how I've trained him in Liberty work that he would go to stand at my right shoulder and would follow like a puppy. Which he did. (And the apple in my hand had nothing to do with it I swear) I walked him back to his stall leaving the to stand there with my empty halter.
It sounds like you have the quals to know and manage the risk from this. Plus I think it's a good ending an Cartman- screw you lady I'm taking my horse and going home
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