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Today at the Golden Arches
Old 07-14-2018, 11:41 PM
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Default Today at the Golden Arches

Story the First - Nice Try, But No

I get into work about 10 minutes before I'm due to start my shift and there is some guy banging on the drive-thru window. He's not in a vehicle so my coworker is telling him that he can't be served at the window at all. Dude doesn't like this but buggers off.

Or so we thought.

The employee door buzzer goes off, so the manager on duty figures it's employees and goes to let them in. Low and behold it's the same idiot who was banging on the drive-thru window and now he's got a missus in tow - they're both demanding to be let in to order food. The manager told them they have to wait until the lobby opens at 6am.

The dude and his sidekick missus are the first people in the lobby as soon as the doors are unlocked, and they're obviously not happy. Frankly, I don't really give a damn because if they don't have the patience to wait it's not my problem.

The guy orders his food and makes the comment, "I'm here every morning and they've never had a problem serving me at the window before."

I just arched an eyebrow at him and called him out on it. "I'm here pretty much every morning at this time and I've never laid eyes on you. Plus, nobody will serve you at the drive-thru unless you're in a vehicle because it's a fireable offence. So nice try. Anyway, what can I get you?"

The guy stopped his yapping, but then the missus chimed in with, "Nobody had to be so rude when they turned us away at the window. I can't believe that anybody would do that..."

"Ma'am, we aren't going to open the window to anybody just standing there. Especially if they're banging on it. Usually we just call the police instead of being nice enough tell you through the glass that we can't serve you and that you'll have to wait until the main part of the restaurant is open." This was from the manager on duty - he came up to where I was on the register because the guy had been rather loud.

Thank heavens they didn't stick around for long after that!

Story the Second - Use Your Words!

We had a newish person on counter with me this morning. He was handling order-taking while I was running drinks and food. Apparently he was supposed to be a mind-reader too because one of the customers I handed an order to got quite upset that she didn't get two drinks with her order. I pointed out on her order slip where she didn't order two drinks. "But I ordered the fish and chips! That's supposed to come with a drink!" I explained to her that if she wanted the fish and chips as a meal that she had to tell the person taking her order that because it doesn't automatically come with a drink.

"But on your sign it says it comes as a meal!"

I pointed up at the screen and told her, "It gives the price for just the fish and chips, and the price for the meal - if you don't tell us you want the meal, then you don't get the drink."

"But he's supposed to know what I want!"

"Ma'am, <restaurant> doesn't hire mind readers. Sorry. If you want a drink with your fish and chips you will need to pay for it."

Another co-worker rings in the drink the woman wanted, and explains the same thing to the woman. Minus the mind reader part, of course.

Story the Third - Maybe You Should See the Writing on the Wall

One of our new hires showed up to work even though he wasn't on the schedule for today. Today this wasn't an entirely bad thing because we had a couple of people call out sick for their shifts this morning (both are notorious for calling out for morning shifts on the weekends - they're facing write-ups for it because management is FINALLY cracking down on this crap) so we needed another body.

Too bad it was such a useless body. I've worked with this guy before and he's got two speeds - dead slow or stop. And he doesn't understand how to do even do drink orders. He was told to go do lobby because that's where we needed somebody the most at that point. When you do lobby you're basically making sure tables, chairs, benches, and high chairs are cleaned, ditto for trays, changing the garbage, and keeping the drink area cleaned up. It's a great job for people who can't even handle drink orders.

He starts complaining that on next week's schedule he doesn't have any hours, and as I watch him I can see why. He. Moves. So. Slow. And doesn't wipe anything down like he's been told to. Forget restocking lids, straws, and napkins because he avoids going near that area entirely. And every chance he gets, he's behind the counter trying to get drinks for the order taker...despite being told that it's not his job at that point.

Well, he decided that he was now not feeling well enough to work so he told the manager he needed to go home. When he left, I was asked to take care of the lobby...and I found high chairs that needed to be cleaned, overflowing garbages, a big stack of dirty trays, and almost no lids or napkins. It was pretty damn clear to me that he'd done pretty much nothing while he was out there because he didn't want to be doing lobby (it's seriously the least stressful duty because you don't have to worry about screwing up somebody's order - you just work on keeping the place clean).

I told a manager what I had walked into when I went out to take over lobby, and he said, "Well, that explains why he's got no hours next week. He's not capable of handling cash, or running drinks or food, and apparently he also can't handle lobby. He really should see the writing on the wall, right?"

I shake my head and tell the manager, "And this is why I don't want to be manager here. Too many people calling out sick and nothing being done about the repeat offenders, and then there are the people who are beyond stunned and can't do the simplest of jobs. And we're not going to get into the ones who simply won't listen to what they're being told to do."

Needless to say that by the end of my shift I was very grateful to be going home.

Old 07-15-2018, 12:21 AM
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Ah the magical don't do shit hours/ shift.
Sarcasm dear, sarcasm. Im well aware that dealing with civilians in any capacity will skin your faith in humanity alive, then pickle anything that remains so as to watch it shrivel up into an immortal husk thus reminding you of how dead inside you now are.

Old 07-15-2018, 11:05 AM
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If he wants a place where he barely has to do shit to keep a handful of hours I know an apparel department that's understaffed.

Old 07-15-2018, 04:49 PM
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Trust me on this one – even if you are a mind reader, it doesn't do a damn bit of good. Most customers have nothing in there to read.
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As expected
Old 07-15-2018, 07:18 PM
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Default As expected

It was co-workers like these why I refused the assistant manager job at Arby's when it was offered.

Old 07-15-2018, 07:37 PM
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Quoth TheWolfEmperor View Post
If he wants a place where he barely has to do shit to keep a handful of hours I know an apparel department that's understaffed.
I know an entire store that's understaffed.
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"But he's supposed to know what I want!"
This is really one of the stupidest things a customer can say. He's supposed to "know" - HOW??

Also, if it was possible to get a job at a place like this to JUST do the lobby, I'd be all for it. Little to no customer contact? Sounds great.
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