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Life's little ironies
Old 07-31-2006, 12:13 AM
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Default Life's little ironies

A little background... I first started working for the company I'm with about 9 years ago, working in the receiving area on-call. About 6 years ago the ownership changed and there were the inevitable personel SNAFUs. The end result was that I got thrown onto the retail floor. About a year ago, I was promoted out of desperation... To manage the warehouse and receiving areas.

Now the fun part.

One of the members of my team was - until the upper management gave me another person - normally responsible for changing the large sign by the road (tall thing, plastic letters, you've all seen them). Last week was his vacation so natch, I score the job.


So there I am, 20ft up an aluminum extension ladder, leaning against the road sign (which is supported by 2 large 12"x12" steel posts) in the driving rain and an approaching thunderstorm...

Putting up a sign that is headed by the line: NOW HIRING

Some days I think that my boss is trying to get rid of me.
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