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*Updated and Amended - Site Rules
Old 07-08-2006, 02:13 PM
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Default *Updated and Amended - Site Rules

In short, play nice, but the rules are as follows:


Customers Suck! is a site that is dedicated to relieving the stress of the daily grind at work. So please, first and foremost, have fun!


These rules we expect members to follow for the sake of other members. We realize they are quite lengthy, but there is a valid reason for every item posted below.
Please make sure to read them before registering. “I didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to do that” doesn’t get you off the hook after the fact.

A. Forum Guidelines

1. No Offensive or Controversial Content

Offensive and controverial content on this board includes derogatory comments directed at any particular race, religion, or sex; excessive profanity; lewd or lascivious posts; slurs regarding a person's weight that are not relevant to the post; political commentary; plus anything that the moderators may deem offensive to a significant number of our members.
We could put up an extensive list of what is acceptable or not, but you have common sense so use it.
If a moderator tells you that you are going over the limit of what we consider acceptable, it's a learning experience. As a good guideline, we will always consider the words 'nigger' and 'cracker' unacceptable unless you are reporting the words of a sucky customer.
In a similar fashion, please do not use the word 'rape' to refer to anything other than a sexual assault on another person - people who have been raped don't consider the usage of the word to refer to monetary etc. matters. Yes, we know what the dictionary says. Bollocks to that.
We also do not want a debate site - there are plenty out there (especially Fratching), so keep any proselytising or damning of politics or religion etc off this site.
(*Oh yes, that wanker Phelps and his clan from Westboro Baptist Church are fair game on here. An exception I'm pleased to grant.)
If you see a rude or inappropriate post, please report it to the moderators immediately, and it will be dealt with as they see fit. However, keep in mind that due to the vast size of Customers Suck!, we can't promise that every reported post will be removed from the boards. With as many people as visit here, something is ALWAYS going to be offensive to someone else; and whether or not a reported post will be edited or deleted will ultimately be left to the discretion of the moderators.
If another member's comments consistently rub you the wrong way, it's best to ignore them by adding them to your ignore list. If the person in question is a moderator, then please contact the site owner with your concerns.
Simply put; while we do our best to keep this board friendly, we cannot and will not remove every single post that ticks someone off.

2. No Commercial Posts, Solicitation of Money, Or "Spam"

Posting of advertisements for products or services, (including links to your Etsy or other similar type accounts), links to auctions (including links to your eBay or other similar type auctions), affiliate links, links to promote websites for personal or financial gain, and so forth is not allowed. We do not allow direct or indirect request for financial assistance from our members, so please don't do it. This includes in your signature lines. Do not link to blogs or websites that contain solicitation requests unless it has been approved by the site owner.
Links to your personal not-for profit site or blog, or your YouTube or similar type account that are posted on the forum more than once in a week's time frame are considered spam as well.
If you are wishing to post a link for a charity event or something of that nature please clear it with Rapscallion first, as we do have a special area of the forum for that purpose.
Simple links to livejournals or non-profit personal pages in your signature are fine. We do not allow links to your blog if it contains a link to a "fund me" type site.
We have a pretty tight security system when it comes to spam, so it is very rarely seen now, but if it should happen to slip through, please don't respond even with disdain to spam. It only encourages them. Just use the report button.

3. Copyrighted Material

Copyrighted material cannot be posted on our forum unless the source is clearly stated and verified, preferably with a corresponding link to the original work. Additionally, please do not cut-and-paste any materials, text or otherwise, from any other web site onto Customers Suck! unless you can show that permission has been granted by the other site's owner. A working link to said material is OK. (If you are unable to link to the material in question, please paraphrase it in your own words, rather than copy it verbatim.) A final word about copyrights: if you're unsure whether or not something is copyrighted, it's best to assume that it is.
Please do not post advice on how to circumvent copyrights with illegal downloading or piracy, or anything along that line. Posts with that type of content will be removed, and infractions may be issued.

4. No Pornographic Material

There will be absolutely NO linking to or posting of pornographic material on Customers Suck!. Violation of this rule will result in an immediate and permanent banning. Links to sites which may contain adult content (i.e., a site with naked people, adult jokes, etc.) must have a warning before the link to warn people that the link may contain adult content. Remember, some of our members are surfing at work and adult images will get them in trouble.

5. No Trolling, Flaming, Post Padding, or Public Message Requests

Trolling: Posting of inflammatory messages with the sole purpose of generating an angry response ("trolling") is not allowed. Please do NOT reply to such messages, as this only encourages the troll to post more. Rather, click on "Report this post to a moderator" and they will be dealt with.
Flaming: Members cannot post messages with the sole intent to harass, insult, belittle, or threaten another member or guest. By the same token, members who participate in what the moderators deem as a flame war will be punished. If what appears to be a flame war breaks out, do not participate in it. Instead, report it to the moderators immediately.
Post padding: We expect all posts to have some substance to them, and to be a valuable contribution to the threads, so posting an image only or a bunch of smileys will result in removal of the post (this portion of the rule has been relaxed, so long as the post has some substance). Worthless posts with no content, and/or nonsensical posts, which are made solely to inflate your post count are not allowed. Also posting mulitple posts when one post would do it is considered post padding.
Public Message Requests: Please do not post public requests for anyone to send you email, IM you, or chat with you, save in threads designated by the moderation team. This is a place to exchange information, not a wide-open chat room. If there is some unusual circumstance in which you feel you MUST make such a public appeal, contact Rapscallion and get his okay first.

6. Don't Give Out Personal Information

In order to register on these forums, we require an email address. This is so we can verify your account status in case of a lost password, illegal access to your account, etc. Your email address may also be used by the board staff to contact you on issues that require your attention. Please note that ONLY mods and admins have access to your email address, and under no circumstances whatsoever will they disclose it to anyone else. Other members of the board do not have your contact information, unless you provide it to them on your own.
Whether or not to share personal information such as the name of your workplace; your email address or other contact info; your name; your location; your picture; etc., is YOUR decision and YOUR responsibility, so please be careful. We cannot be held accountable for any problems that result from your giving out this information. For instance if you post your picture understand that someone may recognize you. (Due to the nature of this site, we recommend that you give out as little information as possible, especially the name of your employer.)
By the same token, do not give out the private information of anyone else - be they fellow forumers, SCs, or whatever. This includes publicly asking another member where they work, or publicly posting or attempting to guess where they work. It's none of your business! Posting a member’s and/or customer’s personal information will result in an immediate banning.

7. No Malicious Code or Programs

Anyone attempting to post malicious code in an attempt to break into another member's computer, uploading attachments containing viruses, or surfing Customers Suck! where a virus on your computer attempts to disrupt Customers Suck! may result in your immediate banning. Intentional attacks of this nature may also be dealt with legally at the discretion of the site's owner, and the owner of the site's host.

8. No All Cap/Slang/Non-English Threads

Occasional use of abbreviations (LOL, ROTFL, KWIM?, TMI, etc.) is okay, quotes in your signature that are in a foreign language are okay (if verified by a mod), but not entire posts in a foreign language, nor nonsense like "hey w00t I sayz I'm cool cuz I c u l8ter." It's annoying to other members and your ancestors will disinherit you. If you do feel the need to post anything in a language other than English, please include a translation along with it. Otherwise, the post will be edited or deleted.

9. Respect Other Members

We have a policy against "failing to see the suck".
Members come here to vent about their workday and do not need armchair experts second guessing them on whether they have a right to complain, or whether they could have handled the situation better.
On the other hand, if you have asked for help and it is given, but you are not happy with the suggestion, then keep it to yourself. You asked for it. If you are given unsolicited advice, while it may be annoying, please be respectful and mindful of the spirit in which it was given.
Please remember that for every member there is a human being behind the screen name. Please respect them. It's fine to disagree with another member's opinions, but this site is not meant to be a debate site. We do not allow flaming, personal attacks, or even grammar flames. If you feel that you couldn't say something directly to a person's face, then it's probably not a good idea to post it as a message. Also, bear in mind that this site is visited by people worldwide. There are people here of many different nationalities, backgrounds, races, religions. Please treat them with the same courtesy you would expect for yourself.

10. Signatures, Avatars, and Titles

Please do not make a signature line that distracts from the content of the post you are making. Keep it simple and the fonts within a reasonable size and colour. The code will allow you to put links to personal non-profit sites in your signature. Do not link to any blog or social network page if it contains any form of solicitation for your personal gain. Do not link to any site that you are using for commercial purposes. This is not the place to advertise. You are not allowed to use 'quote' code in a signature, but we do allow a small number of smileys. You are allowed four lines, with a maximum of one space between lines/brief conversations. We do not allow any type of controversial material in signatures, including political statements. We allow you to use avatars, but please do other members and the board the courtesy of nothing too grievous in there, and the same goes for custom titles. The moderating team will let you know if you are pushing it. Quotes that are not in English must be checked by moderators before being used. Talk to the moderators - we're lovely!

11. Interaction with Other Sites

Don't start fights on other sites in the name of this board. If it can be proven that someone has started to throw crap around somewhere else, we reserve to right to bring down the weight of this board on them. Posting letters on consumer message boards for the sole purpose of stirring the pot with the moderators, consumers, or other members of that site, and then bragging about it here will result in infractions and deletion of posts.

12. Illegality

Customers Suck! does not condone illegal acts, such as tampering with food, violence against others (save in self-defence), or theft, etc. This includes posting suggestions or threats of the same against SC's, acquaintances, or other forum members.
We do not condone internet piracy in any form, so please do not ask for, nor provide help on how to do it.

13. Spoilers

If discussing the latest hot book, movie, TV show, sporting event, etc., and you KNOW you are posting a spoiler, please indicate this in your thread title.
Remember that some of our members are in different time zones, and are not seeing the same shows, etc. at the same time you are. Please be courteous in that regard, and either wait to post, or, again, indicate in the title that there is a spoiler contained. Do not give away the spoiler in the thread title, or your post will be removed, and an infraction may be issued.
If it's a single post in reply to a thread, and it contains possible spoilers, then indicate this at the very start of your post so members can skip over. Some people, as a courtesy, will make their post in a font that's the same color as the background and then indicate that it must be highlighted to be seen.

14. Reporting Posts

Please be specific as to why you are reporting! Reporting posts is not just for major rule violations or offensive material. If you see any type of problem in a post, report it or PM a moderator. This includes not only offensive posts, but duplicate thread topics, copyright issues, multiple consecutive posts, or any other type of posting that is not consistent with the site guidelines and rules. Do not respond in the thread, especially for a duplicate post. Moderators do not always read every thread, so posting about these issues in the threads is pointless. The fastest way to have a problem dealt with is to report it. If you are reporting a duplicate thread topic, please include a link to the original thread to speed up the moderating process. If you are reporting due to offensive content, please indicate what you find offensive, especially if it's a long post and the offense may not be immediately obvious to a moderator.

B. Disputes

1. Member Disputes

Whenever possible, disputes against other (non-staff) forum members should be handled away from the open forum. The best thing to do is to place that member on your ignore list. If ever you have a particular problem with another forum member that can't be handled by the ignore button, please email or PM a moderator and explain the situation.

2. Disputes Against Staff

This forum operates with a clear chain of command, and it shall be used for any member disputes against the board staff. Challenging a Customers Suck! moderator or administrator on the public forum is regarded as the poorest of personal and professional courtesy, and will not be tolerated. If you feel that a mod or admin has treated you unfairly or is behaving in an inappropriate manner, contact Rapscallion and discuss it with him.

3. Reporting Abuse

Abuse reporting should be as specific as possible. If there is an immediate or potential problem regarding what someone has posted in a public forum, please advise a moderator. For abuse of forum features (such as spam through the forum PM or email system), please contact Rapscallion.

C. Enforcement

1. Staff Authority

Customers Suck! moderators have absolute authority, and are granted unequivocal discretion at editing or striking any post; or warning, restricting, and banning members as necessary if a member breaks any of the rules of the board. Furthermore, Rapscallion has the right to do whatever he wishes. Remember, ownership has its privileges!

2. Misconduct (Warning Points)

This forum operates on a 10 point infraction system. Offenses adding up to 10 points will ban a member, but other levels will enforce moderation status on you. There will be offenses that will get you banned regardless of how many points you have. Warning points and banning that have valid reasons in Rapscallion's eyes will not be removed or expire.

3. Appeal

Should you feel you have been treated unfairly by any Customers Suck! moderator, you may appeal to Rapscallion. Don't do this in the open forums. Instead, please contact him with a Private Message and wait a reasonable amount of time for a response. Remember Rapscallion has a life too and can’t respond to you message within moments. Additionally, if you do want to discuss the pros and cons of a situation with the responding moderator, do so via private message. Openly arguing will risk infraction points.

D. What The Team Do; What They Don't Do - Our Culture

1. Moderating

This means if we want something knocked off, it needs to be knocked off. We've been around for a while and have a pretty good idea of what's going to go down faster than it has any right to. Simply closing threads is common (instead of deleting), with an open warning as an example to everyone of what we'd like you to avoid. With a constant influx of new members, this happens semi-regularly.

2. Infractions/Banning

We don't do this lightly, as most people realise how we do things fairly quickly. We don't hold that against people. Repeated transgressions do raise our eyebrows.

3. Deleting Accounts

We don't do that. If you don't like what's happening and go into a snit and want your account deleted, we're not going to do that on request. If you're causing trouble, we're not likely to do something you want. If you want some time away, just PM a moderator and request an elective ban - take some time away from the site and clear your head. By the same token, we don't act as a 'delete all my posts, please' service. If you do go around deleting all your own posts, don't be surprised if we undelete them afterwards.

E. Formal Terms

1. Intellectual Property

By uploading materials to any Forum or submitting any materials to Customers Suck!, you automatically grant us a perpetual, royalty-free, irrevocable, non-exclusive right and license to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, publicly perform and display, create derivative works from and distribute such materials or incorporate such materials into any form, medium, or technology now known or later developed anywhere. In addition, you warrant that all so-called moral rights in those materials have been waived.

2. Free Speech

This site is owned, operated, and maintained by Rapscallion. While we do allow members to speak their minds the only person that actually has complete freedom of speech on Customers Suck! is Rapscallion. For those interested in the First Amendment, it doesn't cover private arenas and it doesn't cover servers that are not in the US. Take the hint.

3. Site Operations
Customers Suck! operates on software that at times requires updates for security and performance issues. Because of upgrades we can not guarantee that features, sections, or any portion of the database will remain on Customers Suck! There is always the chance that you may have to re-register.

4. Policy Adjustments

This Customers Suck! rules and policy list may be adjusted by the site administrator at any time for any reason whatsoever, and is perpetually available for review in this section of the site. It is each member's responsibility to keep current on whatever adjustments are made to the list. In most cases, an announcement will be made in the forums if there are changes to the rules. In any event, please check back here periodically to make sure you're up to date. "You didn't tell me" isn't a valid excuse for breaking the rules of this site.

5. Customers Suck!’s Sucky Customers

People who complain like sucky customers on Customers Suck! will be treated like sucky customers. Yes, the mods will be talking about you...

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Please note that there has been a bit of editing and tweaking to the Site Rules.

They haven't been made any shorter, unfortunately, but the format has changed slightly with more emphasis being put on the posting rules and guidelines.

The headers have been bolded to make it easier to find the specific portion of the rules you may be wishing to look up should you have a question.

Please, if you haven't had a look at them in a while, take a moment to refresh your memory, as we have had situations where members who have been around a while have forgotten a rule or two and have required a reminder from a mod.
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CS Discord Chat links, info, and rules may be found here:

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