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free operating system fun
Old 11-05-2009, 04:04 AM
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Default free operating system fun


In my CSC-250 class we have to install Linux to a computer and turn it into a server.

everyone else picked unbuntu but my group picked Open Solaris.

wasn't even my choice, but once one of my team showed it to me i was like "ooooo" mostly cos i've used the real solaris before.

and now i get to play with it at home too.

i have 2 hard drives that work in my mac - the original drive and a bigger drive.
the bigger drive started failing me a week or so ago. been going through hell trying to make it work and today i gave up.

i saved the files that really mattered to me (my music and photos mostly), everything else has already been copied to an external.

so now i'm having fun playing.

i have the big drive in the mac right now and i'm installing Open Solaris to it.

not bad. i'm still installing and the DVD to the OS lets me web-surf and play games while i'm waiting for it to finish.

granted my mac will still be a mac... i'll just have a nice lil external that i can use when i feel like playing with linux =)

the only "downside" to this OS is that the download is a little over 600MB or so, but when you burn it, it's over 700 so you gotta use a dvd.

but hey it's free so yay.
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