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Butthole du jour...
Old 07-16-2006, 02:40 AM
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Default Butthole du jour...

Saturday! Whee... This happened just before noon today, and it was just me and a co-worker named "G"

Basically we're slammed at parts-and it's just G and I. I'm doing a battery return and trying to help about 2 other people in the meantime, and G is just as busy. This guy kept on nagging us to help him, but we couldn't-there were about 10 other people ahead of him. Finally he butts ahead of others,a dn demands that G help him. G told him that sorry, he's with a customer, and could he please just wait? G turns around to help out his customer. The guy FREAKS OUT!! Starts stouting at G, and causing a scene, and tells G that he is being racist against him (I think he said he was French or Spanish-I couldn't have been able to tell) and calls G a redneck piece of shit-right in front of the customers wife and child, too. Finally had to get a manager to calm him down, answer his retarded question (Which tire spray can I use on my dash?) and get him to leave. As the guy is leaving, he's still shouting that he's going to call corporate on G, and that he'll have his job.

What a jerk...
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