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Cranky old people
Old 07-16-2006, 05:38 AM
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Default Cranky old people

Why is it that most of the SCs we get are retirement age or older? And they get upset over the most trivial of things.

Yesterday, I was called to the outside garden section to load 2 bags of potting soil for a lady. She pointed in a general direction, saying she was ready to check out. I put the 2 bags of soil on a cart I assumed were hers, because of where she pointed. This old man, who just moved his small SUV right in front of the entrace gate got out of his vehicle and lit into me, in front of a small crowd of customers waiting to be checked out.

SC: "Those are my things! Get that dirt off of there!"
Me: "Oops! Sorry sir. I thought this was her cart."
SC: "Didn't you see me pull this cart up here!? These are MY carts."
Me: "Sorry, sir. I just got here to load these for her."

I take the two bags off and put them on an empty register. The cashier looks at me and . More joy for the day.

SC: "Now look what you did. My bags are dirty!" They are bags of mulch. With holes in them. And dirt on them. *Gasp!* I put more dirt on top of his all ready dirty bags! Shame on me.
Me: (Getting annoyed) "Sorry, sir."

The lady is done checking out, and asks where to move her vehicle.
Me: (In a little bit louder tone than usual) "Normally, I'd ask you to bring your vehicle up to the loading zone. But since it seems to be blocked, I'll just take it out to your car for you." (muttering so cashier can hear me) "Good thing we don't have to evacuate for a fire or anything."

SC looks at me.
SC: "Well? My bags are dirty!"
Me: "Sir, it's dirt. It comes off." I pick up his dirty bag of mulch and brush it off with me hand, getting it as clean as I can without taking a hose to it. After I'm done, it's cleaner that what he had before.

I grab the 2 bags of potting soil, and the lady and I squeeze our way out of the door and to her car. On the way out, the old guy says "You are going to help me put this in my car, right?"
"After I'm done taking this to her car. I'll be right back."

I'm done loading for the lady, and she takes me aside and gives me a tip. She also asks that I don't get mad because of the old guy's attitude.

Lady: "It's very hot and he's alone. Maybe he's having a bad day. Maybe his wife just died. Maybe anything. Just don't let his attitude ruin yours."

I thank her and head back "inside" (the garden center has 4 walls, but no roof. A retractable canopy, so you can't really call it 'inside'). I squeeze between the car and the wall, and help the guy load his purchases into his SUV.

After we're done, he turns to me and says:
SC: "Listen, son. I'm sorry I got mad like that. It must be this heat. I can't take it like I used to. I should be out fishing, but my damn wife always has these projects she needs done. We have a landscaping company do our lawn, why do I need to buy all this mulch? Anyway, please excuse my old man crabbyness."
Me: (To myself - a customer actually apologized for his sucky ways!) "Ah, don't worry yourself. It's very hot out here. I'd rather be fishing too. A fishing pole and a beer sounds really good right now."
SC: "Well, this won't help, but I'll have one for you when I'm out on the lake later on today. You take care, son."

The cashiers and a few of the customers were also a bit surprised.

I guess the moral of the story is don't let your wife make you do projects in the Florida sun.
Age and wisdom don't necessarily go together. Some people just become stupid with more authority.

"Who put the goat in there? The yellow goat I ate."
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