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sweet customer
Old 01-28-2007, 02:32 PM
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Default sweet customer

I was just thinking about this today, last X-mas I was on register for a whole shift and near the end had a horrible woman just go nuts over some coupon exemption. We got the SM and she dealt with her and it was over. I apologized to the next customer and she was very gracious. She didn't say anything and I rang up her transaction which included an chocolate truffle from the impluse buy rack. When I went to bag it she stopped me and said "No dear that is for you, after what I saw you've earned it." I told her I couldn't accept it and she insisted with the explanation "I purchased it with my own money and I shall give it to whom ever I please and I choose you." The SM was still there and nodded ok so I got a chocolate from some really nice lady because someone else was a completer SC!

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