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Definitely not "lovin' it"
Old 02-28-2012, 10:58 PM
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Default Definitely not "lovin' it"

I don't think I've ever written about this particular Golden Arches before.

Really, the only thing I love about it is how easy it is to get into. It's right off of the main highway I take home from work, and it's just a right into the lot. Painless.

But the last few times I've been there, I'm reminded why I don't usually stop there as often as I'd like to. And this time, I don't think I will ever step foot in there again.

I have a dairy allergy, I have had it since I was 6 weeks old. In recent years it has downgraded some, to the point of almost an intolerance instead of a full-blown allergy, but I still don't like taking risks, specially with my health. So I always make sure whoever takes my order knows about my allergy right off the bat.

Nine times out of ten, elsewhere, I'm taken seriously and they watch out to make sure nothing comes close to my food to the point it's almost overboard. Not at this big M. There, my allergy gets brushed off, kind of like a "Oh, you're 'allergic'? Up yours" attitude. I ask them not to put cheese on a burger, there's cheese on it. I ask them to redo it, I can't eat it, and I get the stinkeye. One of my last visits took them three(!) tries before I finally asked for the manager. He was the one who finally clued in and made my order correctly.

Last night I swung through there to give them one last try before cutting all ties. It was after 8 pm, the place was dead, and the manager was taking orders. I actually smiled, because it was the same manager who helped last time. So I ask him for two singles with just ketchup, and absolutely no cheese, once again mentioning my allergy. He repeated back my order to me, "just to make sure", he said. We confirm everything, I pay, take my cup to the fountain and get my drink. Two minutes later it's done, and I do my usual check before I even head out to the car.

Sure enough, there's cheese on both burgers.

The manager watched me unwrap the burgers, and when he saw the yellow sticking out of the bun, he asked for them back, showed them to the guy at the grill, who then promptly pulled the cheese off and handed them over. Manager handed the burgers to me, and I just took them and left. I don't react much to just trace amounts, but I'd had enough. And maybe I don't react to a trace, but somebody else might, and that's what I was more frustrated with.

I think I'll start holding out for the one in the next town over, they take me much more seriously there. I've just about had it here.

And yes, I did write a letter to corporate. Allergies really shouldn't be brushed off. I know we hear stories all the time about SCs who say they are allergic to one thing or another, but want extra of something similar to what they are allergic to. But that doesn't mean that every person that says "I have an allergy" is an SC. And that's exactly what I think I was labeled as last night, despite the fact that I was on my best behavior the whole time (if these boards have taught me anything, it's how NOT to act in public).

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Old 02-29-2012, 01:15 AM
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Among other things, you should NOT have accepted it after they pulled the cheese off. They should've made you new ones.
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Old 02-29-2012, 01:48 AM
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Sadly, if you have an allergy and the place you are planning on eating at serves something with whatever you're allergic too, its probably best to just not go there, and instead make something at home.

Generally being a cook at a restaurant is a low paying job (cue burger flipping jokes) and frequently these will attract teens in one of their first jobs. No problem with that, everyone needs to start somewhere.

But the problem is that, being a kid on one of their first jobs, they might think everything is all a joke and its funny if they screw up your order. So they will do this. On purpose.

I do not believe it is possible for any thinking human being to screw up the same thing so many times in a row that malice is the only possible explanation.

AFAIK, dairy allergies generally result only in very unpleasant digestive problems, but are generally not life threatening. On the other hand, something like a nut allergy is not something you screw around with. But there will be some kid who puts nuts all over whatever you order, for the lulz, because they think its funny and its a joke.

Intentionally doing that ought to be considered assault at the very least. That is like feeding someone poison. The fact that it doesn't kill the person they tried to poison is sheer luck, but doesn't negate the intention.

For the record, I'm not allergic to anything, though I have a severe hatred of pickles. There have been some times where it takes me a disturbingly long time to get a burger without pickles on it. Its not rocket science. Just do not put pickles on it. And no, you can't pick them off either. Once you put a pickle on something, it is forever tainted with the taste of a pickle!!

Old 02-29-2012, 02:09 AM
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That McD's doesn't know the differemce between a hamburger and a cheeseburger?

Old 02-29-2012, 02:39 AM
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It's always the place most convenient to you that has the problems. My sympathy. *hugs*

Old 02-29-2012, 03:52 AM
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You do not pull off the offending allergan and hand the sandwhich back to the customer! Some of it is still on there. I've worked with guys who'd do that, and I stopped them. Things like tomatoes and pickles, which are juicy, are especially dangerous. (Some people are allergic to something in pickle brine).

Old 02-29-2012, 04:10 AM
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Quoth Becks View Post
Among other things, you should NOT have accepted it after they pulled the cheese off. They should've made you new ones.
Something like that happened to this one restaurant we went to when I was younger. I ordered a hamburger, and shortly after I placed my order, the waiter told me that they had put mayo on it by mistake, and asked if that would be OK. While I'm not allergic, the taste and texture of mayo is gross to me, so I said no, it was not.

Our food came out a few minutes later, and it was obvious that instead of making me a new burger, someone had done a half-assed job of wiping the offending condiment off of it. I felt bad about it, but my parents told me to go ahead and send it back.
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Old 02-29-2012, 05:53 AM
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It's not an allergy, but it took me so many tries to get a McDonalds employee that would actually TAKE my order right when I said "ONLY ketchup" (NOT only onions, NOT no ketchup, NOT everything but ketchup!) and then to get the burger flipper to make it right also.

I truly believe a lot of people just don't care.

The worst part is when I correct the person at drive thru, and say "You sure it says ONLY ketchup?" "Yup!" and sure enough, I get a burger full of shit.
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Old 02-29-2012, 06:45 AM
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Grr..I hate that. I do not have any allergies (That I know of) to food, but I do have a very limited palate on what taste good to me. I am not a fan of most pickles, tomatoes, onions, etc..though some I do like..just never the ones at 99% of fast food places. ((Exception : White Castle Onions)). When I try to say "Only ketchup" or "Only ketchup and mustard (for the rare ones that offer mustard)) that is what I mean. Not 'Everything scraped off'..not there in the first dang place. McD's never gets it right/Bk is a toss up (50/50 chance of them getting it right) and most Wendy's also..except the one near me. I got to be such a familiar face they finally got it right for me (even earned a loyalty card that got me discounts on food ). To the point where I didn't even have to SAY anything...

I would walk in, they would see me, and say "Your order will be ready in a moment." They knew what I wanted ..of course sometimes I'd throw them for a loop and order something else..just for something different. My typical order was their 1/4 lb 'classic' meal.
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Old 02-29-2012, 07:47 AM
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I had a problem at a restaurant when I ordered a turkey sandwich that normally comes with bacon, with no bacon. It came out with bacon on it, and I sent it back. The cook did a half-ass job taking it off and half of it was still there. I cannot eat pork, my system rejects it, violently. I had to explain to them why it was wrong to do that, and not just in the case of my intolerance, but due to religious reasons for other people.
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