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And life goes nuts! (long)
Old 03-23-2012, 03:04 AM
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Default And life goes nuts! (long)

So, I've been absent from about everything the last few months. In this time, lots of life changes have happened. Those of you who were friends with me on Facebook were likely aware of some of them.

For those who haven't, and to cover the last few months of time in a quick manner to get on with the story at hand, here's a quick rundown:

My father in law, while out in California's back country in June, decided it'd be a good idea to crack open a beer while driving. After wrestling the beer out of his hand and throwing it out the window, I came || this close to breaking his nose for endangering my wife with such idiocy. We cut our trip short since he kicked us out of his house, leaving us at almost 11PM with nowhere to go. After a hotel stay we couldn't really afford, we drove the 13 hours back to Utah thoroughly disgusted. After stewing on it for a while, he apologized profusely to both my wife and I, has been out here since, and was respectful and good to have around.
My mom received a terminal cancer diagnosis shortly after thanksgiving. Wife and I changed our plans to go to Texas instead of California. A second opinion revealed that what was seen as cancer by the local hospital was just a fatty mass, and was no danger. We drove 16 hours to Texas with our dog, braving insane winds, great plains style winter storms, and random Utardian idiots with vehicles. After a week there, we drove back.
Shortly before leaving for Texas, I realized I could no longer follow Christianity since I couldn't really claim to still believe in it. Terrified of telling my fundamentalist Christian parents, I decided to wait until after we got back. After telling them, my parents' communication with me changed drastically.
Since coming out as an atheist publicly on Facebook, I got so much abuse from 'friends' that I figured the best option is to just close the account, since I had privacy issues with facebook anyways.
And finally, in December, I discovered a leak in the wall of my condo. The HOA is responsible for repairs, but has been unwilling to work with me on these repairs. This is the story I want to share a bit about. Some facts may be omitted, but the basic story is there. I'm currently starting the process of litigation against the HOA, so I'm not sharing everything.

A few months back, I was unplugging my phone charger from the outlet next to the bed, when the outlet popped out of the outlet box. The plastic box's threads stripped clean, I would have to cut the wall open and replace the whole box. Having grown up remodeling houses with my parents, this is a trivial thing. Once I cut the sheetrock, I realized that everything inside the wall is rusted, wet, or molding. I called the HOA to have them look at it in early December. With all the above happening, the repairs got lost in the shuffle, and I realized I never heard anything back in early January. I called them again, and they had no record of anything. At this point, they sent someone out who looked at the hole in the sheetrock, moved the insulation back with his hand to look at the outside structure, and left. I didn't hear anything back for a week, so I called a 3rd time. A guy came back out and looked at the hole, and left.

About this point, I'm starting to get frustrated, so I drive to the HOA's office, and raise hell. Within an hour, the HOA manager called back saying he'd get someone out to finish the job within the week. A sheetrock guy shows up, looks at the hole, and tells me that everything in the room must be moved out. The issue still is not fixed, and I prove it with photos and a long email to the HOA. He tells me he'll meet with the contractor and myself at a set date. Only the contractor shows up. He agrees that the structure is badly flawed, and poorly maintained. I emailed the HOA again telling him how frustrated I am that at this point, the mold is so bad I can no longer sleep in my own bedroom (the bed is in the dining room, and the kitchen table is off to the side between dining and living areas.) and that he didn't bother to show up. He never replied back, so I contacted an attorney, where things are progressing from there.

If anyone is up for buying a house, make sure there's no HOA involved. This HOA basically takes my money and runs each month. The only reason the lot was clear of snow this year is because we got no snow. I usually have to threaten legal action before they will plow the lot. The parking lot is in such poor shape, my classic car has serious issues navigating it. The rules say that they have someone inspect the buildings twice a year, but the rot at the exterior of the building shows that nothing has been inspected in years. (The board holding the window up is so rotted I put a hole in the board with my finger.)
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Old 03-23-2012, 06:28 PM
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Well as a fellow atheist I salute you....good for you for coming out like that as you put it .

Good luck on the HOA thing....I've voiced my opinion on HOA's before.
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Old 03-23-2012, 08:04 PM
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It seems to me that telecom_goddess is an odd name to call yourself if you're an atheist

And to Midorikawa: It's sad how (some) religious people demand that you respect their beliefs but have no problem giving you shit for yours. Follow the way that you think is right.
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