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One of our Halloween traditions

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  • One of our Halloween traditions

    One "tradition", if you will, that we started years ago was that we read "The Raven" and "The Telltale Heart" every Halloween.

    My wife also makes "Blood and Guts" casserole (more commonly known as "lasagne") every Halloween, too...
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    "The Telltale Heart"--there are so many re-iterations of that. I just watched the movie 1922 on Netflix and it was very good. It's based on a Stephen King novella. My tradition is to watch The Crow: City of Angels. I also always watch the Charlie Brown Halloween thing. I have a copy of it. I don't have food traditions but I put up a black cat candle holder among all the fall decorations. Those stay up until after Thanksgiving. Speaking of, a good Thanksgiving tradition is the movie Home for the Holidays with Holly Hunter, Dylan McDermott, Anne Bancroft, Robert Downey Jr., Charles Durning, and a bunch of other stars. It's funny and heartwarming and really captures family life in the upper midwest. My dad is from Wisconsin and I live there now so I relate a little bit. There's also the fact that the dad used to work for an airline and so did my dad. So the movie has wormed its way into my heart.
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