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Store Cards For The Win.

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  • Store Cards For The Win.

    A popular topic here are customers who refuse to sign up for the various store cards offered to them. I now know why that is a big mistake.

    From 2010 to 2015 my grocery store sold a certain brand of lump crab meat that was advertised as being 100% Atlantic blue crab. It turns out it wasn't and had been mixed with foreign crab meat and sold it labeled as a Product of USA. A law suit ensued, which the crab company lost.

    As a result the grocery store refunded everyone who had bought that brand of crab meat. They used that data from the store card to figure out who bought it and how much.

    I got a $115 refund for the crab meat I purchased during that time.

    Let's hear it for the store cards.
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    I have another example. Some flour I purchased was found to be contaminated with peanut flour. I am deathly allergic and thankfully my bag didn't have enough to kill me our my cousin (we used it all for Thanksgiving before it was discovered) Still I got a phone call and every time I bought something for the month after this was discovered - I got a warning on my receipt.