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    My dad's memorial service is Monday. I have on order a navy peplum dress in two sizes that comes Friday. If it doesn't work, I'm going with a dress pants, blouse, and sweater outfit. I will most likely take the sweater off because I get hot indoors, even in winter. Here are my outfit choices without having to buy something else:

    1. Green: I have deep green dress pants and a light but muted green blouse (think sage) with lace cap sleeves. I can wear either a black cardigan or medium-dark brown duster sweater. It's the color of espresso if you used med roast beans. Leave it to me to talk about color in terms of coffee. The sweater is probably coming off so I'd be left with two shades of green and I will be wearing a summer top in a sea of people in winter clothes. Alternatively, I could lose the green blouse and sweater and wear a long sleeve rust colored blouse that would be perfect for the weather. I have a coat in that exact shade. Is rust OK for a memorial?
    2. Burgundy: I have some dress pants in a drab medium burgundy shade, pretty muted. They have a cuff which I like better for a dressy situation. I have a pink blouse or a white one in the same style as the green described above. Sweater options are black or the brown again.
    3. I don't know if red is a bad option. I have a midi skirt with dark red, cream, and varying brown stripes in a diagonal design. I have a dark red blouse that goes with it. I'd wear the brown duster sweater. I normally do brick red shoes and a dark but noticeable red purse but could tone that down to a different color bag. Dad always looked good in red and so do I; I'm my father's daughter. I don't know how to describe the red except that it's not a bright primary red.

    I'm not just concerned about colors but the fact you're not supposed to draw attention to yourself and I inadvertently do because I am not ever in current style. People around here are loving the skinny pants and mine are super wide leg, like 15" from seam to seam. My shoes are right out of 1936. I match my bags and shoes. My hair is at my hip (might put it up on Monday because it's just too much). I guess no matter what I do it's going to not look like the other midwestern middle aged ladies. There's a 50% chance my stepmom will not like what I'm wearing. I hate that I feel like I have to think this much about convention/what people might think.
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    Option 2 sounds the best to me. However, dress in what you feel the most comfortable in. Dress for yourself, not others. And screw current fashion. It never stays in fashion.
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      The dresses came. The smaller of the two fits perfectly. It doesn't look bad on me and it's somewhat reminiscent of the 1930s which is me but I would so much rather wear one of my old skirts and blouses. It's all one fabric that's a bit heavy and I don't like the neckline. I should pull out my skirts and see if I can squeeze into one. I doubt it.
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        I'd suggest clothing, as a Midwest FebBlueB-r-r-r-uary is not a good scene for skip-and-go-n***d.
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