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The Secret Lives of Retail Workers (Sorry, boring)

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  • The Secret Lives of Retail Workers (Sorry, boring)

    Tonight the manager and I got to gossiping about present and former coworkers. It was pretty juicy stuff to us because we know the people but nothing out of the ordinary. Mostly just coworkers messing around with each other while married to other people. We were laughing about how the store has been a hot bed of lascivious and salacious activity through the years. Maybe I'm just tired and this seemed more interesting enough to share than it really is. Sorry.
    I would have a nice day, but I have other things to do.

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    You said "hot bed"!
    I am not an a**hole. I am a hemorrhoid. I irritate a**holes!
    Procrastination: Forward planning to insure there is something to do tomorrow.
    Derails threads faster than a pocket nuke.


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      I used to say the place I worked made Peyton Place look like Mr. Roger's Neighborhood. (Yes, I'm dating myself.)
      "I don't have to be petty. The Universe does that for me."