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Medication interactions, oh boy!

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  • Medication interactions, oh boy!

    This is just venting--

    So Da Boss wound up catching some kind of URI. Congestion, very sore throat, fatigue, the whole nine yards. The Corvid test came back negative (so no crow in her throat?) so off we went to urgent care. They did another crow test, plus flu and strep. Nothing definitive, but the strep test is of the "fast results" kind and not the "very accurate" kind. She got a course of Azithromycin for her troubles. The pharmacist said to not take a sleep aid that she often takes.

    A couple of days later, I'm coming down with the same thing. So back to Urgent Care, same tests, same results. Same scrip for the "Z Pac". This time the pharmacist tells me that I can't use my SSRI for the five days I'm on this.

    Uhhh, waitaminnit.... My brain chemistry is f***ed up enough, and the withdrawal symptoms I have had in the past (from accidentally skipping a couple of days) are very unpleasant.

    I check on line, and see that my statin (for high cholesterol) is also a no-no, but the pharmacist didn't mention that. So I'm not sure if it's an actual no-no, or more of a "don't do this long term" or some such.

    Side-effects for skipping the statin are much less than the SSRI. So I'm skipping the latter every other day, and the former every day until I'm done with the antibiotics. I'll try to keep an eye out for heart arrythmia, which is what the Internets says is the problematic symptom of mixing the SSRI and the antibiotic.

    Ugh. Too many drugs, too many interactions!!

    At least I'm feeling almost human again. Heck, I even took a shower today and took the garbage out!!
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    ... I even took a shower today and took the garbage out!!
    You might not want to do that until your meds re-stabilize. The Neighbors were puzzled by you chasing the trash around the yard with a power washer.
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