View Full Version : I Hate Football

08-05-2007, 01:54 AM
So today was the first day this season working at the Football Stadium. It was just a scrimmage, but the SCs were out in full force. Plus the added fun of temperatures in the upper 90s and humidity enough to drown a duck and, well, it was a crappy day.

The biggest SC moment of the day was when two jackasses tried to rob my son's beer stand. One started trying to reach into the beer cooler to distract him and the other made a grab for his money drawer(the beer portables don't have a proper register, just an open plastic drawer). He jumps and sees a flutter of 20's floating to the floor and the guys run off. Luckily the Alcohol Compliance Officer saw it and ran off in pursuit.

I was helping him close out the stand, to see how much was stolen, and we had a constant parade of people asking for beer. Most were OK when we told them we were closed, but some felt the need to make asinine comments or snarky remarks. A middle aged man felt the need to show his displeasure by smacking the water off of the top of beer cooler at us. :mad:

One girl really took the cake...

A - my son
Me - TaDa! It's JustZu
SC - VERY drunk, persistent wench

SC - Can I pay $3 for a beer? (FTR, they're $7)
A - we're closed
SC - (SIGH) OK, I need a beer, here's $7
A - (forcefully, but not yelling)WE'RE CLOSED
SC - Gimme a beer
A - Goooooo Aaaaaaawaaayy(makes a shooing motion with his hands) What part of we're closed don't you understand? (yeah, he was cranky, but damn I think he had a good reason to be upset)
SC - (looks at me, sitting on floor counting money into a bag) I WANT a beer!
Me - (surprisingly polite :D ) sorry, we're closed we can't serve you
SC - (looking at me) bitch! (walks away)
Me - ROFL :roll::roll::roll:

It turns out that the guy grabbed money, but somehow just scattered it and didn't get any! A was actually a couple dollars over when the paperwork was done. Plus(bonus) they caught the guy, so he's busted and didn't even get anything to show for it. :super: