View Full Version : 'veterans' who know the rules, but break them...

08-06-2006, 04:41 PM
I can't stand people who interrupt me when I tell them to do/not do something, then proceed to not do/do it anyways. Ugh!

Two incidents spring to mind:

Three card poker, this really witchy lady was explaining how to play to her friend behind her, and kept guesturing and tapping the table OVER her chips and cards (no no. The cameras MUST always have an unobstructed view of the chips and cards.).

I repeated at least three times "Ma'am, please dont do that. You're obstructing the cameras.'

Without even acknowledging me in any way she says to her friend (not even looking at me) "she's telling me things I already know!" *grrrr* If you know that why the heck do you keep doing it??

Not only that but she was telling her friend NEVER to tip the dealer even if you're getting great hands, because they all split it up so you're rewarding the bad dealers as well. Witch.

Other incident was just last night. It was a ten dollar limit table, meaning that there's no mid shoe entry (That is, once I start dealing after the shuffle, you're SOL unless everyone at the table says you can come in). This gentleman sits down and I see motion, as I'm watching the cards.

Automatically I go into my "Hello sir! Please note this is a ten dollar table and thus there's no mid shoe entry. You'll have to wait until the end of the shoe I'm afraid!"

D, one of the pit bosses, laughed a bit and said he was a 'regular' and knew the rules. I admitted I didnt know that, that I say it automatically. no big deal right?

So anyways, deal deal deal, pay pay take, pay deal, do chip up...

The guy starts talking on his cellphone. I turn and say "Sir, no cellphones at the table, please step away." while making a 'pushing' guesture at him (I do this so they understand a bit more.). He does so, but a few minutes later is back again! I remind him again in a bit of a more stern tone and he grumps in 'that tone' back to me "I'm not even playing!"

Ass. If you're a 'regular' you kjow the rules - no cellphones at the table. Doesnt matter if you're playing, its a violation of security, privacy (Its against the law to take someone's photo without their permission, and camera phones, right), and just plain rude. Unless you're saying 'can't talk right now, gotta go!" or something jsut as fast, get OFF THE PHONE.

Yes, EVEN while the dealer is shuffling. If you're sitting at the table, no electronics unless you need it to survive (Or they flash very prettily).

08-06-2006, 04:44 PM
Edited to add: Had two 'hooligans' at the table tonight too.

The kind of scream and clap and act like their team just won the Stanley Cup whenever they win ten dollars. UGH!

Being happy cause you win is FINE, but leaning over the table and claapping at everyone else as though expecting the little old asian ladies and gentlemen to join in, while shouting loudly at their faces is NOT. I reminded you THREE times and you were THIS >< close to being booted out by security.

Hooligans. ugh. Save the screaming for when you win five thousand dollars, cause it WONT be at my table and my ears wont be hurting then.

PS on the last - I've been here a year and never given out more than about 700 in jackpot. Dunno why... all the other new dealers have given out upwards of 1000 to 5000, except me.