View Full Version : Drunken Drunks and the Drunken Things They Do

08-10-2006, 08:01 AM
I was working in the electronics section at like 11:00 am one Saturday day. I was Standing behind the counter and talking to a Co-worker (you know working hard:) ) when a customer comes out of an isle and, without even look to see If anyone was around, says loudly "Do you carry music in this Shit hole." I look over at an unshaven man with blood red eyes wearing all jean clothing (the uniform of older drunks) and holding a can in his hand. I point to the music section and he walks over and looks. I turn to the guy working with me and say, "Was that a beer can?" My friend replies "Coors I think."
I page security to come watch the guy and while doing this he comes back and starts asking about the CDs. I have no clue what he's trying to ask. (He was obviously up very late, not just up early and decided to start drinking early) I try to answer his question which was something like "Do you have that new CD by that guy who...you knowÖ him" I start asking him for a little more information and he walked away mid-sentence.
Thatís the last I actually saw him but from what I heard he went down stairs and downed a Red Bull from off the shelf, right in front of a manager in a big red shirt, and went to hit on one of our Young Cashiers who was less than pleased to be listening to a 40 year old tell her that he was in love with people with her name but was stuck with some bi**h name Cathy (I think she quit shortly after that).
Meanwhile, the manager, set up people near the exit incase he started a scene. He came over put the empty Red Bull can on the counter and told the guy he would hate to arrest him for $1.37 drink. The guy gets all pissed off, pays for his drink, and goes off screaming about the bad service he received at the store. I like to drink as much as most young people but Iíve never drank that late and then went shopping (I make to many impulse buys)