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10-18-2007, 03:42 PM
Why do people think asking you the same thing changes the answer?

Bunch of quickies from everyones favorite brewery store....

Me = Starting to think that the stunned face I wear with disbelief at customers requests and stupidity is actually going to stick like my mother warned me about.

SC - Most of my patrons

SC - I'll have 2 six packs and a bag of ice please.
Me - Sorry im sold out of Ice at the moment
- Side note, you walk past the 8 foot by 4 foot Ice cooler on the way in, it's delivered like most stores in ohhhh I dont know? all of north america.
SC - You don't have ANY Ice?
Me - Thats what I said........ 15.90 please
SC - You dont have any in the back ? Like in the brewery?
Me - ( actually let out a laugh ) Ummm nope we dont make ice, its a brewery.

Me - Sorry we don't take credit cards here
SC - you don't take credit cards?

ya I was just kidding..............not

Insert the same conversation for Cash Back from debit, 100$ bills.

My Store is attached to a brewery. We sell what we make and that is all. Why do these people think we would sell competitors product?

Me - What can I get for you today?
SC - Can I get a case 24 ***** Light
Me - Sorry this is **********Brewery, we don't sell that here as it is made by another company.
SC - Are you sure you dont have *****Light?
Me - yaaa im purrrdy sure
SC - You dont have any at all?

Me - I finally realize this moron is looking at a case of empty bottles , down the return line that is the brand he wants. We take back bottles from other companies and refund the deposit since Beer in Canada is in standardized glass.



10-18-2007, 08:45 PM
On our honeymoon we went to Japan and one day had lunch at the Sapporo Brewery. The waitress asked for our drink orders and my husband admitted later he almost asked what kind of beer they had. :lol: