View Full Version : I told a slight fib just now

12-15-2007, 01:58 AM
Ten minutes ago an older woman walked into my shop. Normally, this is a good thing, an event which I welcome. Something about her just irked me. Not sure what though.

Woman: You close at 7. (not a question, a statement.)
Me: Yes, which is in 20 minutes.
W: Fine.

She browses a bit, breaks my Russ animal rounder, though in her defense it was already wobbly. Though she offered no apology or even an apologetic look. Just broke it, dumped animals on the ground and walked away.

So while I'm fixing that, she manages to knock an entire peg of snacks on the ground and leaves those as well. Grr.

When she comes to check out, she looks at the enclosure cards behind the counter.

W: I'd like two of those cards.
M: (not seeing any flowers in her purchases) I'm sorry, those are for flowers only.
W: What? Why?
M: They're provided by our florist, and all flowers are on consign-
W: Yeah yeah, I got it. (That kind of interruption that clearly means she doesn't want to hear me talk anymore, so I oblige happily.)

The fib I told is in that the cards are not limited to flowers only, but rather at my discretion. Had she not broken things, or at least apologized, she may have gotten cards. -=insert Kara or Gavekeeper-esque wit here. I'm not looking forward to driving in the snow on a donut=-