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01-04-2008, 05:44 PM
so i haven't made any posts here in awhile. ive had a few annoyances, but not anything major.

75% isn't enough. can you go lower?

so its after christmas, and most of our stuff is 75% off, EXCEPT in my department(cosmetics). all the frgrance gift sets remain at 50%, and the makeup gifts sets actually did go 75% off.

we also have this Jingle Jewelry. really cheap stuff, regualy price is 99 cents. it wasn't supposed to go on sale at all. we were supposed to keep it and sell it next year. but my manager and i discussed it, and we marked it 75% off. so they are now 25 cents a piece.

we had a lady call, asking for us to hold these really ugly brown bags we got in for the holidays. my company thought they would be a great sell... nope...

so when she comes in to get those bags, she shops around.

AL- annoying lady
Me- the star of the show!
SM- store manager

AL- why isn't your stuff 75% off? the other store had EVERYTHING 75% off!
Me- well, they aren't supposed to. our cosmetic district supervisor said only a few things would go, everything else is to remain the same.
AL- well, the OTHER store had it all together! of course, it was all sold out. maybe you should do the same thing!

Me- its on my list, but ihave other things i need to get done first. i haven't had the chance to go and verify the price on everything yet.

AL- well,i could show you everyting that is on sale! here, ill show you what is on sale!

she then goes and picks up a couple items saying, this is on sale! and this, oh and this! yet, every item she picked up, WASN'T 75 % off. i just blew it off, wondering, if the other store was completely sold out, how the hell does she know what was on sale? we don't have tags up, because of how quickly things were selling out.

she then finds the Jingle Jewelry.instead of leaving the basket that holds in ont table, she brought the thing over to my counter, set it down, and started sorting through it.... an annoyany, since i couldn't ring anybody else up. she had my entire counter full...which then made me wonder why she even bothered grabbing the cart she had next to her! she also grabs five of these little handbags. she had three red ones, and two black ones. both of them have the word 'Nice' on one side, and the word 'Naughty' on the other side. then she grabbed 5 packs of Bonne Bell lip gloss gift sets that were 83 cents each.

after going through the Jingle Jewelry, she picked out 6 gold bracelets, 6 silver bracelets, 6 multicolored bracelets, 5 earrings, and 2 hair ties. she kept claiming how much her graddaughter would love these, or how great of a gift they would make! at 25 cents each, this would have come to $6.25. originally, it would have been $24.75.

AL(points at Jingle Jewelry)- is this going to go any cheaper? like, 10 cents next week?
Me- no. we weren't supposed to put it on sale at all. 75% is the cheapest it is going.

AL- but nobody is going to buy it! its after christmas! who would buy this stuff??you should make it 10 cents! what else are you going to do with it?

Me(thinking, acutally, quite a few people have bought some, and it seems to me...you yourself are quite interested inthe jewelry..)- we will send whatever is left down stairs, and sell it next year.

AL- who would make it 10 cents?
Me- my manager, but im sure he isn't going to.
AL- call him and find out!

so i page my manager to call me. while we are waiting for him to call me back, she kept going on, saying how it should be cheaper.

AL-make sure you tell him how much i am buying! that way he will know im a good customer and give it to me cheaper.

at this point, i page my manager to just come over..i figure he could use a good laugh.

he comes over, and she asks...

AL- are these going cheaper? they should be 10 cents!
SM-no, they won't be. i could sell them next year, so if they don't go for 25 cents, im sending them back downstairs.
AL-but nobody is going to buy them now! its after Christmas!
SM- im sorry,but i can't.
and he walks away.

annoying lady is so mad, she throws all the jingle jewelry back in the basket, her hands shaking.
to make this long story shorter, i found out that she really wanted it cheaper, cause she dind't have enough money on her! she pulled out some cash, and said she only had this much. she bought two ugly bags, the small hand bags, the Bonne bell gift sets, and 4 earrings, and 8 bracelets....she literally had a few cents left over.....she wanted it all, but couldnt' afford it. so she thought she would try to get it cheaper....

it isn't going to work!

ill make this short...a guy came in, looking for something to help his hair. i knew a solution was for him to cut back on his conditioner.

i started to explain it, and he went on saying that it is so hard for him to rinse out his conditioner, blah blah blah, making me feel even more, that he needed to cut back on his conditioner....

he didn't like my answer. so in the middle of my explanation, he goes,"it is NOT my conditioner! THANK YOU!" and holds his hand up in front of me, to stop me. i just turned and walked away.

i then see, a few minutes later, my coworker had helped him. i asked what she did. she said she recommended a shampoo, but he didn't take it because he said,"it might be my conditioner...."im just like :wtf: ???? i just said that and he got mad at me!!!!


01-04-2008, 05:56 PM
Geez, lady, if you're that broke, I'm sure you don't NEED jingle jewelry! This is probably the same lady Misanthropical just called about a bill six months overdue... which she could have paid instead of hoarding handbags.

01-04-2008, 06:06 PM
Man, me and my sister hit Wal-Mart last night and went through the scraps of leftover Christmas stuff...she got a great big stocking for our soon-to-be-born niece Lilah for like, a dollar, and I got 60 Christmas cards for about two bucks (preparing for next year's card exchange? :angel: ). Take what you can get and shut up!