View Full Version : awesome crew at BK

01-29-2008, 02:59 AM
I don't know if this belongs here or in sightings but last night I went to a burger king with the most awesome crew ever. When I walked in the cashier took my order really quick and was patient with me screwing up my order. Even though the had onion rings available he said they weren't fresh enough so go ahead and have a seat he'd bring it out when the onion rings were ready, he even noticed that I forgot to grab napkins when I went over to my table and brought some out with him. When another employee there was cleaning she even asked to make sure it was ok to clean around my table making sure she wasn't being intrusive. So long story short, they have to be one of the most awesome crews ever and fellow salt lake peeps should find your way over to the burger king on 3500 south and redwood.