View Full Version : Caught a Shoplifter

02-20-2008, 06:20 AM
Sunday night at work I caught a young kid shoplifting.

Two guys came in, both about the same age. Since they were the only ones in the store I kept my eyes on them. They went towards the cookie/jerky area and the first guy kinda yells "I am going to buy some jerky!".

I am watching him via the mirror in the corner and see him pick something up and hear a foil sound(the type Nabisco cookies come in) and see him put his hand in his hoodie pocket. The second guy comes up and buys a can of jerky and leaves. First guy slowly walks pass me towards the door and I ask him to give me the cookies he put in his pocket. He goes HUH? and holds up his hands. I point towards his pocket where I see the blue package with NABISCO in red and white. And say them! And I grab them out of his pocket. I told him to get the f*ck out and not to come back.

Now I knew the second guy as his dad use to come in and talk to a guy that worked with me. I hurried the next customer out and looked out just as the guys car was leaving. I yelled HEY! and he stopped the car. I walked over and told him what happened and he asked which one? I pointed to the first guy and said him. He said he would take care of it. Though I am not sure if he will since there were the 2 guys, the second guy's dad, and another guy in the car. I do hope they tell the first guy's parents and they do punish him for being stupid.