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03-25-2008, 12:04 AM
I worked for a call center (numerous stories to come)....and had a call that just made my day ^_^

BCTG (Bad caller turned good)

ME: (Standard opening speil)
BCTG: YEAH! I'm mad as hell and want to talk to a manager NOW!
ME: ~polite and courtous~ Yes sir, but since you are obviously a busy man let me hear your problem so that I can pass it along to my manager...
BCTG: alright heres my account number xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx...
ME: ~pulls up customer account and immediatly opens all windows I need to view account (I worked in a credit card claims department) as well as the history of notes from previous people accessing the account, in the same breath asking for the man to explain the problem~

REALLY long story short involving 4 phone calls, 3 transfers, 2 redirects, and one annoyed CSR (ME!) we get the problem fixed without it EVER going to a supervisor. Ends up he still wanted to talk to my supervisor, not because he was still mad but to give me a compliment on my hard work and how quickly I took care of the problem (call took 45 minutes but who argues when they say it was done quickly). It was almost the end of my shift but that call made my already shitty day.