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Hello Kitty
03-28-2008, 05:44 PM
My uncle T is crazy. A neighbor house was undergoing extensive remodeling and unoccupied. Uncle T decides to STEAL construction materials and complained when he was forced to give it back. He hasn't spoken to our side of the family for 30 years, he thinks as the eldest he should have inherited his parent's house - even though he hadn't worked on his parent's farm that was the condition for inheriting.

Spouse has an aunt that is literally bat shit crazy. She draws arrows on her walls and ceilings, and always complains that the hippies are out to get her.

Spouse has a cousin married a man that raped another cousin. The married couple and the rape victim cousin no longer speak to each other. (And they claim to be very religious and good church going people).

And of course we have the garden variety loser always borrowing money relative.

So, what are your sucky relative stories?

03-28-2008, 06:56 PM
I could write a book about my sucky relatives :p

I don't really know my father's side very well...other than my grandmother and aunt. We hear from them only about once a year. Because of this, it'd like they want nothing to do with us. Grandma's not too far away, but *never* comes over. If she's invited to a family event, one of us has to go get her. Never mind that she has her own car...

On my mother's side...I have an uncle (her older brother) who is an asshole. Trust me, I'm being nice :angel: This fool comes home (i.e., to see Grandma) about once a year. The rest of the time, he's too busy sitting on his ass or going to church. When he does come home, most of his time is spent reading the Bible with his wife (equally annoying), or giving my mother crap about Grandma's care. Because he's Born Again--which I have no problem with--he claims to be better than the rest of us. Quite a few of us can't stand him, mainly because of some of his views. For example, when my grandmother was nearly killed in a '94 car accident, my uncle started spouting off about he was a "good Christian," and didn't want the guy punished. The rest of us were like "Are you fucking kidding me? She was damn near killed, has serious medical bills...and you see nothing wrong with that?" Needless to say, when he told me that (at the hospital, no less!) it took all I had *not* to jump the table, and throttle him!

His son, M, who I haven't seen since Grandpa's funeral 20 years ago, is pretty fucked up. He's apparently resentful of the rest of us grandkids--we all chose to make something of ourselves. He, on the other hand, got thrown out of college for academic reasons, has had *numerous* run-ins with campus security and the police, bounced around from job to job (as soon as he'd get some responsibility, he'd quit), and just walked out on his wife and 3 kids :eek:

03-28-2008, 06:58 PM
So, you know that Rabbi, in Cherry Hill, NJ? The one that hired a hit man to kill his wife? Yeah, I'm related to him. So, so, glad my mom was adopted.

Other flashy relatives include a cousin that who's apparently a famous writer of lesbian erotica, another cousin who may or may not have been attacked by an infamous serial killer (I can't remember which one), and a cousin who was killed by a mob hit (long before I was born).

(Note: I don't actually know any of these people personally, and by "cousin" I mean, "x cousin, x removed")

03-28-2008, 07:10 PM
For the most part my relatives are okay, odd but okay. I have a cousin in Connecticut that's a real bitch, but I never see her.

The only thing that I'm still pissed at is my grandmother's brothers. Her one brother & her sister visited her all the time when she was in the hospital & nursing home. One had health problems so he's excused. But the others were "too busy" right, pushing 80, no jobs, but "too busy" and the drive wasn't an issue since my father offered to take them! Hell, even her brother-in-law (my grandfather's brother) went to see her and my grandfather died 7 years earlier!

I'm still pretty pissed off that they couldn't be bothered to go. I know some of it was "I don't want to see her like that" and I understand, but you know what, she was in the nursing home from August 05 to February 06 when she died. She had good stages and bad, and you never went and saw her. Even when we called to say she's being taken off the feeding tube!

I also have a homicidal manic for a cousin. (Not really, but she could pass) For starters the bitch is bigger than me (I'm 6'-3" 240 lbs) and she's been in trouble with the police for gun violations, breaking a kid's arm when we were 11, etc. Her mother is a loud mouth mooch. The only time you see them is if there is free food and an open invitation, or someone dies. (Didn't see them between 1999 & 2006 if that gives you any clues)

03-28-2008, 07:14 PM
My family enages in spying, lying, cheating, stealing, backstabbing, double dealing, child molestation, rape, attempting to enforce delusions upon the rest of us, stabbing (with a knife), attempted murder, drunk & disorderly, & committed for life to a mental institution. Oh, and vanishing without a trace whilst leaving MY address as the contact for your bookie and coke dealer, both of whom you owe mucho dinero.

That said, I could write page upon page upon page explaining each incident. And that was during the 18 years I was talking to them. It's been 13 more and only my mother failed to get my point until I moved and didn't give her my new address or phone number. Needless to say, I've trimmed several branches off of my family tree.

03-28-2008, 07:21 PM
I don't really have sucky relatives.
Unless you count my uncle by marriage, who is so involved in his own world that, when his wife's sister's husband passed away, he didn't even offer condolences.
My cousins are pretty cool, especially now that they've grown up :lol:

03-28-2008, 07:33 PM
David Koresh was a distant cousin....:eek:

03-28-2008, 07:38 PM
Mine are all pretty alright. But my mums a genealogist and what she could tell you about our ancestors...

03-28-2008, 08:00 PM
Reading some of these stories makes me appreciate the idiot I had to call my father only because, biologically, he was. Gambler who lost EVERYTHING (and it was a lot), a drinker who tried to hit my Mom (who hit back better than she got)
who walked out on us in the middle of the night, taking the last $40.00 from my Mom' purse, while we were living in a trailer park, which was all we could afford.
Who I saw maybe 3 times after the divorce and he re-married to the woman he was cheating with. The last time I heard from him, he called the high school I was attending to make sure I was still going because if not, then he could stop the child support payments since I was the last one to reach 18. The main reason I went to college was so he would have to pay until I turned 21.
Found out he died when my Mom was dying and had applied for disability and she was informed that she was eligible for widows benefits since she had been married to the schmuck longer than wife #2.

03-28-2008, 09:13 PM
Wow...some of you have crappy reletives and don't make mine seem all that bad. Except for that *ahem* Father Basterd who married a second wife who has made it her mission to get me introuble at work. Except for the fact that she belongs to one district and I'm safely in another.

I dislike them all! But only hate a couple.

03-28-2008, 09:49 PM
Mine are all pretty alright. But my mums a genealogist and what she could tell you about our ancestors...

My dad does that too. He keeps calling me into the room saying "guess who we're related to!"

a drinker who tried to hit my Mom (who hit back better than she got)

Good for her!

My dad's side are all trailer trash for the most part but none of them keep in touch anyway. My mom's mom was an alcoholic. All the aunts and my uncle on that side have their weird quirks. My uncle in law is the scum bag who decided to show me porn and ask me what all I had done sexually when I got caught alone with him one night. The relatives I actually talk to are nice though my aunt I used to talk to wiped as much as she could from my grandpas. Not because she wanted them but because she wanted to sell them for the money and so the other siblings didn't get them.

Evil Queen
03-28-2008, 10:03 PM
Lets crack open the family book;
My Dad's Father:
I met my father's father only twice; he was a bastard when I was a baby and he was a bastard when my father's mother died. Mom and I are waiting until the old bastard dies so we can tango in bright red dresses all over his grave. He tried to get my Dad to work for him for years and anytime my Dad did work for him, the bastard would call my daddy a bastard and lazy and everything he is not. Bastard is married to some woman he cheated on Dad's Mother with and left when Dad was a teenager.
My Dad's Mother:
Alcoholic and lazy to boot; the woman never wished my or my sibling happy birthday, merry christmas or anything, got pissed because when we (Mom, Dad, sibling and myself) went down to visit one winter, we locked our cousins out of the pop-up camper and watched a movie (mom says it was Bambi) because it was new and our cousins were being mean to us (we were maybe 6 and our cousins at the time were teenagers).
My Dad's Sisters (he has 4 sisters and 1 half brother)
All money grubbing, selfish twits who can't count or spell. Now, I will give credit to Aunt L, who is the only good sister and does her best to wish us happy holidays and see us when they (she and uncle B) can.

Mom's side (roll our the crazies...)
My Mother's sister:
Incarcerated because she can't take care of herself. Yeah, explain that one to me.
My Mother's other sister: (C)
Actually the daughter of the first sister but since she was unable to take care of a baby, was adopted by my grandparents (Mom's parents). This upset C greatly when she was a teenager because then came along my sibling and I (we're twins) and Papa suddenly had grandbabies to show off and spoil to no end. For this reason and this reason alone C hates us. She's also extremely obese (and this is nice, she blames everyone else for that), rude to no end and dumber then a post!
And a myriad of cousins that all deserve to be euthanized for one reason or another -- and for a certain baby, it would be better if he was just put up for adoption because there's no way he's going to grow up and be okay. The family genius is so dumb I'm amazed she can walk and the one with the baby has never, ever held down the same job for more then two weeks.

03-28-2008, 11:40 PM
Well, I'm convinced my grandmother has an undiagnosed Narcissistic Personality Disorder. I haven't spoken to her in 8 years. It's too draining.

On 9/11 when my Aunt was trying to found out if her government building was evacuating, my grandmother called her to complain about "all this news" on instead of her soaps, accuse me of stealing her sheets (I didn't by the way:p), and then when my Aunt said "I think I have to go now, we seem to be evacuating." my grandmother said "Fine! you're the one who complains I never call you!" and hung up on her.

Extorted money from all 3 of her children, despite not needing it. Then said "After all I've done for you!" when caught. If she had just asked instead of being tricky and sneaky and lying, it would be a different kettle of fish.

Hell, I could write a book about the woman. She's the kind who gets mad when the corpse at the funeral gets more attention than her.

My Brother in Law. At least he's sort of amusing. Claims to be a disabled veteran from the Gulf War. He saw no action, and his disability is an ear problem he had since childhood that the military kindly took care of for him. He is twice divorced with 3 kids and tried to avoid paying child support by not working and mooching off his grandmother for 2 years. Didn't have a car, so he would go to parties and make his 70 year old grandma come down to Detroit from her suburb at 1, 2, 3 in the morning to come get him.

Feels government should pay his child support since he "served his country". He's been giving our home phone number as his. Gave our address as his, including on his personal checks which came here (which I returned to bank saying no such person lives here). Did briefly live with us. Until we said if he was going to continue, he needed to contribute at least $50.00 a week. He proceeded to sleep in his car for a few weeks then found someone else to live with, who charges him $40.00 a week. Also won't give us exact address as to where he's living now, so all mail of his that comes here goes back "return to sender". Then doesn't understand why we won't keep his mail for him.

Another BIL is a meth addict and in prison. This is his second time in. Before he went in the 2nd time he and my husband worked at same place. He would grab my husband's bonus checks forge them, take the money, and tell my husband he didn't get a bonus this month. He's lucky my husband refused to press charges since "they're brothers".

Phew. Good to get that out. Nowhere near as bad as some people here, but damn these relatives are draining.

03-29-2008, 12:12 AM
I've got two that are the worst of the worst.

My paternal grandfather is the biggest bigot in known creation. He is also an ill-mannered pig that once called my mother a "f***ing b***h" because his quesadilla was too hot. I remember one time the whole family was out to eat one night (so we're talking about 6 to 8 adults and about 6 kids) and the subject of AIDS came up (this was back in the early 90's when babies born with HIV we were really making serious press). My grandfather said in a booming voice, so the whole restaurant could hear (no he wasn't hard of hearing) that "for every baby born with AIDS they should take 12 f*** out into the street and beat them to death."

To this day when I talk to my dad and he says that grandpa says hi, my only response is, "So he's not dead yet. Good to know."

My maternal grandmother (deceased, thank the deities) disowned me when I was an infant because she did not like my father. Told my (half) sister a bunch of lies to get her to move in with her, and once she was established at grandma's the old bitch used my sister to make false claims of sexual abuse against my father. That action meant my early childhood was filled with police officers and child protection agents. The last agent came to see me at school and the school secretary told other parents about it and for years parents would not let their kids play with me and would cross the street rather than walk by my house.

03-29-2008, 08:12 AM
Supposedly, several generations back, we were cousins of the James brothers. Yeah, the bank robbers. But most people in that part of the country are probably related.

More recently, it's mostly my stepfather's family. The men are mostly okay; the woman are all narcissistic, psycho hosebeasts. My stepgrandmother treated me like crap. I was literally the redheaded stepchild. I remember her coming back from a long vacation where she visited her son who was an officer in the Army. We had a huge welcome back party for her at our house. She had a gift for every grandchild but me, and handed them out in front of me. My stepfather and his brothers were horrified and quickly rounded up something for me. I sent flowers to her funeral, because my stepdad raised me (story of my birth father below), but I refused to attend.

Her oldest daughter was a good woman. Sadly, she was widowed twice and lost her oldest son before she died.

Her second daughter became a true Holy Roller, Speaking in Tongues, Pentecostal, after being raised Southern Baptist. Her husband finally divorced her. Her daughter became a groupie. Her son joined the Army at 17, after being kicked out of half a dozen military schools.

Her youngest daughter was about 5' 2" and ended up weighing over 400 pounds, trying every diet on the planet. She was the baby of the family and acted like a baby her entire life. Baby voice, little giggles, whining, the works. Her husband left her and filed for divorce. During the six-month California separation period, he was dating someone else and was at Disneyland with this woman and her child when he died suddenly of a heart attack. My stepaunt broke into this woman's home, while the woman was out, to steal everything she could find that might belong to her husband.

My birth father was raised by his grandmother who spoiled him into believing that the world revolves around him. He really seems to believe that when he leaves a room everything stops. The last time I saw him was fourteen years ago, when I ended up leaving my grandfather's house, my husband having hauled me out to the car, because I was in the middle of a screaming argument with the bastard over what a complete loser of a parent he had been. My husband was afraid the bastard was going to hit me. More likely I would have ended up in jail for murder, because the bastard was drunk, and the scotch bottle was a good, heavy one and in my reach.

He never kept a job. He expected my mother to just pack up and move whenever he lost a job and moved on to the next one. I was born after five years of this. And the next time he screwed up and left, she filed for divorce on grounds of desertion. He never paid alimony. He never paid child support. He never bothered to visit me until after my mom remarried, and then only every couple of years. Yep, father of the year material.

I check the Social Security death records now and then to see if he's died, but not yet. We're a long-lived bunch on both sides of the family, regularly making it into our nineties, so it's unlikely he'll kick off soon, unless the drunk manages to piss off the wrong person in the wrong bar.

Andara Bledin
03-29-2008, 08:53 AM
First off, there are my paternal grandparents. I haven't seen them since before I was 10. It seems that they didn't really approve of my mother and liked my dad's first (psycho who attacked his car with an axe) wife better.

Among their crimes are refusing to answer the phone, then complaining about lack of contact. They actually had the ringers removed from their phones so they couldn't hear them ring at all. As far as I know, they almost never made calls out. Total number of birthday/Christmas gifts for me was 5. For my brother, 3. Ignored the wedding invitation I mailed out. I didn't expect them to come, and I honestly didnt' want them there, but you'd think the snobs would have enough etiquette to return the RSVP.

My father is an obvious product of their special brand of nurture. When he was little and they'd have their bridge club over, his job was to stay in his room and pretend he didn't exist. He was an only child. He had never witnessed a verbal disagreement between his parents in his life, so when my mother (one of the youngest in a family of 5 kids) first had a fight with him, he thought it was the end of the relationship. He never really figured out what arguments were supposed to be like; it was always the end of the relationship to him.

My father liked to watch TV. He also liked to read the paper. He liked to do both at the same time and would not let anyone else watch anything different. This wouldn't change when he left the house. My mom didn't put up with that particular problem.

My father would horde food. I have never understood why. He would have a family size bag of Doritos and a bag of Hershey's chocolate chips and he'd hide them so nobody else would eat any.

My father is delusional. If he has anything in his possession for more than, say, a week, in his mind that thing would be his and he would "remember" always having it. This went for anything. He is also a champion hoarder. Several years back, we agreed to store some things for him for a while because he had no place to live. Among what we eventually discarded were empty and broken plastic bottles for things like transmission fluid, clean but ratty socks (which he never wore :confused:), and at least one bed pan stolen from a hospital.

Finally, my father is a speed freak who has done so much speed that he's suffered strokes, can barely speak, refuses to do anything related to work, and if you let him stay with you, he will invite all of his speed freak pals over and deal speed out of your house. We're just hoping that his parents kick it before he does so we'll at least get some of their millions. We're not holding our breath, however.

My mother has her quirks, but she's got her head screwed on straight and raised me and my brother to be sane. I was going to say she raised us to be responsible adults, but I'm not sure yet whether it's finally stuck with my brother. He's 34, now, and I think he might have started actually acting to make his life better rather than just talking big about his plans. Now if only I could get him to give me my freaking CDs back. I'd ask for the $8k he owes me, but I know a lost cause when I have one.

And then, there is my oldest aunt (OA). She is a piece of work. When she was a baby, she didn't like to be held. I think that was as clear a sign as you could ask for.

OA got herself pregnant when still a teen so that she could get out of the house. Which baffles her siblings, since their home life was actually pretty decent. When her first son was still young, she divorced his father and lived on her own for a bit before marrying a second time.

Her second marriage lasted longer, and she had two more kids, a second son and a daughter. Her husband had been of modest means, but had a drive to succeed and through frugality and hard work eventually became a millionaire. But by that time she had divorced him, too, and was spreading all sorts of stories about how badly he had treated her. He has since made an effort to be known by the family, and turns out to be a rather decent guy.

Shortly after breaking up with husband #2, she begged my youngest aunt (my mother's twin) to let her move in with her two young children (the oldest had been kicked out at 17) in YA's apartment. For a while, all went well. Then came the police visit where the police told YA that OA had called them with reports that son #2 had nightmares and couldn't sleep because he was afraid that YA would murder them all in their beds. OA managed to manipulate things to the point where YA was kicked out of her own apartment!

Among OA's other faults is her inability to hold a job. It's not that she can't, it's that she won't. She always quits a the first sign of any effort being required, and is always chasing after the next thing. She's also a rude, entitled, mooch. If she is allowed to stay anywhere she will set up her sewing all over every available surface, including any floor space. She will not voluntarily pick any of it up. She will also eat any food on the premises, no matter what it is, or where it is kept. This includes going into a private bedroom, rifling through drawers, and then eating the chocolate kept there. (that is what got her banned from every setting foot on son #1 and family's doorstep ever again) When she cooks, she never cleans. She will leave dishes in the sink until they grow moldy. She will also suggest to the owner of the house (whose food she is eating) that they should be the ones to clean up after her.

At one point, OA agrees to have my brother live with her for a time as Mom was having trouble making ends meet because my father had lapsed into resource-consuming uselessness, and she hadn't yet given him the boot. Mom offered to send her some money to help cover my brother's care. OA wouldn't accept it. It turns out that OA had told the wellfare office that Mom had abandoned my brother, and she was collecting wellfare checks for taking care of him!

Now, in the meantime, son #2 has found himself a significant other he gets along with quite well. They've gotten married, moved to another state, and he is well on the way to being a millionaire himself to avoid the wretched poverty his mother had subjected him to. He's in real estate and he's rather well suited to the job.

OA tells Mom and YA that she needs a ride to pick up some things she left with son #2. She explains that it's all worked out, that he has an RV that they can stay in while they're there, and that it will be a short visit. Mom and YA reluctantly agree, knowing what a raving bitch OA can be. So they get things squared away and make the more-than-a-day drive to son #2's place. When they get there, son #2 expresses his surprise and incredible dismay to find OA darkening his doorstep. You see, he's actually threatened to shoot her should she show up at any place he is staying with more than an overnight bag.

It turns out that OA not only didn't have permission to visit son #2, but that she had never contacted him about coming at all, and certain had never mentioned bringing Mom and YA. Everyone realizes that the reason she got Mom and YA to drive her there was because son #2 actually likes Mom and YA and won't throw them out, especially when it's OA's fault that they've arrived. An incredibly awkward and unpleasant time is had by all except OA who seems to either like causing trouble or is otherwise oblivious to how much strife she causes. Before they left, son #2 actually took Mom and YA aside and let them know that they were welcome to come visit any time, just so long as OA wasn't with them.

Oh, and OA is the type of person that when she knows that someone has planned a surprise for someone else, she will preemptively break the surprise to the person it's been planned for so she can steal the thunder from the people who actually planned and worked on the surprise. She'll even tell these people that she had something to do with it, when the only thing she did was listen and then go behind their backs to spoil said surprise.


03-29-2008, 09:44 AM
Not bad here, though I don't know much about mine
I've lived about 2000 Miles away from my Grandparents and other relatives since about the Age of 7.. My parents don't get along with their parents very well in general.

My Grandparents are nice people, but its to my knowledge that they weren't very nice to my parents, same deal with their other relatives.

03-29-2008, 02:22 PM
Spouse has an aunt that is literally bat shit crazy. She draws arrows on her walls and ceilings, and always complains that the hippies are out to get her.

I imagine you could have a lot of fun with this...a little tie-dye, a long wig, some peace-symbol jewelry, and you could show up in costume and drive her crazy(er). Heheheh... :devil:

03-29-2008, 04:38 PM
Hmm, not too much sucky relatives here (I don't have much relatives, about 1 uncle, 4 second cousins, parents and brother and sister) except my Mom. She most probably has an undiagnosed case of narcissistic personal disorder and acts accordingly. I've heard it's more common amongst men but at least here it seems to affect also the female people.

Mom's never pleased about anything. You do anything or leave anything undone, it's wrong and you hear about it. She also belittled me when I was in school (now I've been employed to a mobile/broadband provider for abt 3 years) and I remember a couple of cases where I hurt myself and e.g. ruined my bicycle in a two-bicycle collision. Dad was at the door as I came home and took care of me, hugged me etc. but Mom just complained about me not being in school. Other similar things have happened too, but I'm lucky to have avoided any physical violence at home. The mental one - I've had therapy and think this is not just yet completely ok. I feel the need to apologise for just about everything I do or don't do, because I've been taught to not be able to do anything right.

And my parents are warrantors for our mortgage so me and my SO need to stay in touch to some extent... Guess if we're pissed off.

I'm just lucky I got this man to be my SO, because he's been able to lure Mom to do things she never would do if she had got the suggestion from someone else and/or in other words.

03-29-2008, 04:50 PM
Not bad here, though I don't know much about mine
I've lived about 2000 Miles away from my Grandparents and other relatives since about the Age of 7..

Pretty similar here. Immediate family (parents, 2 brothers and I) moved to Texas in 1965. Went to visit father's brother's family in Wisconsin in 1975, I went back to WI in '76 and '77 for the summers. Have not had much contact since then. Went to mother's mother's funeral in Ohio in '73; no contact since then. I know very little about any of my relatives....DH's family on the other hand.....

Supposedly, several generations back, we were cousins of the James brothers. Yeah, the bank robbers. But most people in that part of the country are probably related.
DH has a Grand Father several times removed that rode with them. DH is into geneolgy(sp?) and has found connections with Princess Diana, and George Bush.

Personally, I'm not impressed by fame or infamy. I've known too many people in the limelights. Some are great people, but too many are a$$hole$.

03-29-2008, 07:48 PM
The worst example in my family I can think of, is my mom's sister. She's an alcoholic, and when her daughter (my cousin) and I were kids, Aunt D. was spending every spare moment she had in the local bars. All my cousin had to do to find her mom was stick her head in the door of one of the bars and say her mom's name. Now as an adult my cousin is obsessed with being a better mom than her mom was. My mom has told me some awful things Aunt D. did to her when they were younger; like the time my mom was trying to escape a violently abusive boyfriend, she packed up all her stuff and took it to Aunt D's house. Aunt D had offered to hold on to the stuff until mom was able to escape; well when mom went to get her stuff back, Aunt D pretended it never happened. She kept all mom's stuff and said she never agreed to give it back. Another time mom was trying to escape the same abusive guy, she told Aunt D about her plan to run away; Aunt D then went and TOLD mom's boyfriend that mom was planning on leaving him. Nice, huh? That night he beat mom up bad enough to send her to the Emergency Room. So much for sisterly love.

03-29-2008, 08:55 PM
Holy crap! Pardon my French, but that's just fucked up :eek:

As goofy as my immediate family is, something like that would *not* be tolerated. In other words, you mess with one of us, you mess with all of us. Take the guy who put my grandmother in the hospital because of her car accident. My father and I have always been very protective of her. This fool would call her at night, and hang up the phone. He'd show up at the hospital to bug her, or attempt to get her to drop the lawsuit, etc. Needless to say, once we'd found out, not only did we get a restraining order, but eventually ended up seizing most of his things to pay her medical bills. He lost everything--house, truck, land...all the way down to his toothbrush.

While that was going on, my loser uncle (who I mentioned earlier) basically ignored her. He came to visit her twice...over the year she spent in the hospital, physical therapy, nursing home, and finally back at her house. Once the lawsuit was finally settled (and she got some *serious* cash), his true colors came out. Yep, he was only interested in the cash...and started calling on a nightly basis. That didn't last--he later found out that we'd put the money in a trust for her long-term care...and quit calling or coming by. Bastard.

...and I should mention another sucky relative here. Oddly enough, she's on my mother's side too. (I never really knew my father's side of the family--growing up, they never got together, or anything.) Anyway, this would be my cousin H. Technically, she's my second cousin, but whatever. Anyhoo, H is just a bitch. She's usually nasty to everyone, mainly because her parents didn't discipline her. (It's actually funny...since her *daughter* is the same way, and she now bitches about how *she* acts. The circle of crap is complete...) She was always polite to me though...mainly because I beat the crap out of her when we were little :devil: ...yet was rude to everyone else.

Some more interesting stories came out when I was in college. Several of the kids I knew had gone to high school in the same town, and knew H as well. I didn't think much about it, until I asked one of them if they knew her. The reply? "H is a bitch." They felt bad when I said H was my cousin "Oh I'm so sorry!" Me? "Don't worry about it, she *is* a bitch" :lol:

As for my father's side, the only really sucky relative I can think of was my aunt. She managed to hide her alcoholism very well. Nobody knew, until my uncle (who is a great guy, BTW) had enough of it. He tolerated it, until about 2 years ago--they were at an awards ceremony in his honor, for his teaching at one of the universities. She got drunk off her ass, embarrassed the hell out of him, and he threw her out. It really surprised me, since she didn't seem that way.

Hello Kitty
03-29-2008, 09:19 PM
I imagine you could have a lot of fun with this...a little tie-dye, a long wig, some peace-symbol jewelry, and you could show up in costume and drive her crazy(er). Heheheh... :devil:
That would be funny...until she stabbed you with a knife. Seriously.

03-30-2008, 01:13 AM
Personally, I'm not impressed by fame or infamy. I've known too many people in the limelights. Some are great people, but too many are a$$hole$.

Me, either. I've run into a few, and most of them are pretty boring. The partner I work for used to live in Pacific Palisades, so she tells me what all the celebrities really look like and how short they really are.

03-30-2008, 06:48 AM
My family has some pretty fucked up branches.

I'll start with my mom's side.

My grandfather, while never actually abusive was a bastard. He was very controlling. My mother never had a birthday party with friends. I know it's the reason she's always so cold to people. She was never able to develope her social skills completely. Also, he was a down right bastard to my grandma. I know during the divorce he put a lock on the bedroom door (they lived together at the time; grandma slept in the guest room) and would take household items such as pans and the like and hide them in the room. One day my grandma was making dinner for her and my mom and the entire wood block with knives in it was gone. She took a hammer (surprised it hadn't been hidden ;) ) and pried the lock off.

My aunt Lydia isn't a bad person, she just likes having things her way. My great-great uncle died and him and his wife (still alive but is in bad shape) were major pack rats. They have almost an acre of land that is full of sheds and even the remains of a second house that they used as storage. There are several cars on the land in varying rates of rustedness and for a long time you couldn't go anywhere inside but the basement because there was so much junk in the house. Lydia told my mom that she could take anything she wanted. There were some items that were worth a few dollars and my mom took all of the Life magazines that were salable. A few months later she anally reams my mom and complains to my grandfather about her taking the magazines and selling them for a few extra bucks. We need the money. Mom was going through a divorce and the money went towards bills. Pretty much everyone was mad at her for a few months. Also, we're pretty sure she might be manipulating my great-great aunt to leave her son and his kids a larger inheirtence than me, my mom, and brother. I hope not. Any extra money I get is going to go towards opening my own shop.

My father's side is a whole other story.

My aunt married a deadbeat who is actually the star of his family which is really saying something. Everyone including his nephew, who is my age, is on well fair. At least my "uncle" has a job. He's been real crappy to her. He was an ass to my cousins (male) until they grew larger than him. She can't divorce him because he's screwed her credit so badly and their utilities are constantly being shut off because he won't pay. Worst of all he treats her like shit. I wish she had never divorced her first husband. He had a good job and was a good guy. Yeah, he smoked a bit of pot and looked at porn, but so do alot of people and he was providing for his family. She's even admitted that those two things were the reason.

Now my dad's mother was a prostitute who abused my father (he got the worst of it), my aunt, and their mentally challenged older brother. They were left in her care after my grandfather died. This woman is the reason my father is the way he is. All the anger problems, the distrust of woman, and, well, everything can be traced to her. Luckily, she died when I was about eight and I never actually met her. I do remember her calling my dad at the time he was born every year.

The rest of the family is great. They're complete fundies, but as long as I don't talk about my views when they're around all is good. The people I call my grandparents are actually my dad's 1st cousins who took him in and other than being totally fundies they are great people. Grandpa's sisters on the other hand are bitches. There have been a few big fights in the family over land and the family ranch.

Now, onto my step-father.

My step-fathers older brother is a total loser. He's been in jail for 13 years for knocking over a bank in his neighborhood twice and is about to go back for abandoning a baby (his girlfriend's granddaughter) at his trailer, drunk driving, hitting a 12 year old and fleeing, and stealing a truck. All in the same night. This isn't even the most recent event. It's a few months old. The most recent thing is he was driving and ran a red light resulting in hitting a truck without a license in his girlfriend's car that didn't have insurance. I want to know what the hell the cops were thinking when they let the bastard go. It's his girlfriend's fault. No one was going to bail him out of jail in the family so his girlfriend took out a loan to get him out.

My step-dad's father is an old, stingy pervert. He bought an under ager hooker and goes to south american countries and up grades his single hotel room to the master suit. Yeah, a single old man really needs the master suit when he's in a country where he doesn't know anyone. His mother just takes it and ignores it. She's a moron. All she does is stay at home and bother her son's about what the loser brother is doing.

My step-brother just married a slut who's carrying a child that I doubt is his. He's 19 and she's 20 and I know the only reason she married him was because he's making pretty good money that he blows on her. He can't even pay cheap bills that are 1/3 of his weekly paycheck.

03-31-2008, 04:33 AM
I have a large number of relatives with personalities ranging from ...."quirky" to out and out nuts.

That's not sucky, but I also have a large number of relative who are pretty racist. Also, the "racist" subgroup intersects considerably with the "nuts" subgroup.

A lot of them don't realize that they maybe ought not throw the en word around the way they do. It really is kind of pathetic. I mean, hello, have you checked your calendar for the century? :(

I forgot about this:

This dude?
My cousin.

I see that it says there that the family sued, which is REALLY sucky. I thought that they dropped that suit. I thought the whole thing was just ridiculous. Anyways, it's not like I'm in weekly correspondence with this particular branch of my family tree, so I don't really know how the hell all this ended up. I see my Aunt (his grandmother) off and on a bit, but this subject just hasn't come up beyond when it actually went down.

04-01-2008, 07:26 PM
My MIL thinks she's Mexican and is whiter than white. I can't help but giggle whenever she starts muttering barrio slang.

My GIL, sweet as she is, can be crazy as a bat if she's off her medication. She told my hubby "Last night, I dreamt that I took your Grandpa's machette and hacked you up so you wouldn't leave.... -sniff,bawl- but you know I wouldn't do that to you, right?!" The fact that the hubs was unphazed tells you how out of whack she is.

My Great-grand-father-in-law: racist biggot who would just downtalk and treat my husband like crap because he's half Mexican.

My Patenral Uncles: they banded together and produced/black mailed a judge upon their father's death to accept an unnotarized last will and testament that left my father pennyless. They were under the belief that my father had taken the farm from them when in reality he BOUGHT the damned thing and it *was* to be a portion of his inheritance. (Yes, he bought what was to be his anyway because Grandpa thought Mom was a gold digger... two years before he died, though, he and Dad patched thigns up, drew up another will, mentioning my Dad as his sole heir for the company.) -- Dad, however, just let them be. He didn't want to tarnish what good memories he had of his father by fighting with his sibilngs. -nod,nod-

My maternal auntie: she's five-feet of fury. She's been known to get into fights with strangers and HAS kicked out one of my uncles lover's out on the street. Story has it she caught them in the middle of some hot lovin' action and Auntie grabbed the woman by hair and pubes, tossed her out on the street, kicked her ass and threatened to set her on fire before turning all that rage upon my uncle. ---this is the same woman who hung a whip over her door and threaten to use it on the kids if they acted up. (Believe me, she never used it. We were all too scared to cross her.)

My Uncle & 3 sons: they're all grown up, ranging from 28 - 44 and they all act like goddamned 5 year olds. They pull pranks and tricks sometimes to the point of annoyance. I learned, a long time ago, not to fall asleep in their presence because I will wake up to being scared to the point of tears because when two boys shake the bed, the other walks around in the dark making orangutang noises and my uncle tosses raw, bloodied, thawed out meat yelling "IT HAS GOT YOUR HEART! YOUR HEART!" -.-

But believe me, they've learned not to pass out in my presence either. I have duct taped the jerks to their chairs and given them make overs (make up, dresses, permanent marker... the ocassional shaved eyebrow. O.O)

04-01-2008, 08:10 PM
My Mom was a childhood sexual assault victim from age 3 - 17. The various uncles and cousins who were her parents' age (45-89) did that to all the young girls in the family. One such is married to a 3rd cousin of mine, and she still denies he ever did it.
EDIT: Mom never went to her parnets, as one was epileptic (even music caused seizures) and the other was a typical older person who didn't believ things happened.

My Dad's "mother" was a drunken whore. All his life, she would get drunk ad try to sleep with her only son. She stashed her drugs in his room, told him to F*!% off from the house for a few days, and never bothered to teach him anything. She'd lock my Dad out of the house and force him to go beg at his friends' houses for food or a home for the night.

One such day, Dad was walking home from school (15miles) and stopped at the local bar (where he was gien free fries and a water) only to find his "mother" making out with one man, one man behind her "stopping the sewage drain," one in front with his face down there, and one of her arms over the next seat giving a handjob. Charming thing for a 10yr old to see.

The reason I never met her? She told my Mom n Dad that I was a random person's baby, that Mom married Dad to get the money from his military service, and that SHE was the reason he was a good man. She also constantly told people we were dying and she was collecting money for cancer (whichever one of us she named), and used the money for heroine.

Not to mention how she was last recorded to have six STDs that went untreated.

She remarried a man whose father shot himself in the head with a pistol. That man bought his parents old house, an came home one day to find Dad's "mother" in a chair. Her husband's father shot himself in the mouth, drooped to left, and thats exactly how they found her.

Dad's Father, who is now repentant and sorry for back then (and is a very nice Granddaddy =p), used to make him burn his own toys for not picking them up after he was done with them.

Eesh =/

Irving Patrick Freleigh
04-02-2008, 01:25 AM
My family's pretty boring in comparison to some of yours.

There's a decent amount of alcoholism in my family. One of my uncles married a woman whose diet consists exclusively of beer and cigarettes. She was recently in the hospital for various medical issues and they thought she might have Hepatitis. I will be shocked if she survives the year.

It just so happens I went to school with her daughter, and I hated her guts. At family gatherings if she tries to talk to me I just tell her "Leave me the hell alone and don't come back and say we're friends just because we're sorta related."

Another uncle started a drunken fight at my cousin's wedding reception, and naturally that's all people remember from that night. At least he's turned his life around.

Lastly there's two other uncles who are opposite ends of the political spectrum and are always trying to get each other all riled up. Family gatherings with the two of them are always eventful.

04-02-2008, 02:28 AM
OMG, my family's normal!

Let's see, cousin J was into drugs ~high school but cleaned up her act & now looks after her parents.

Cousin B, (Mom's generation) might be crazy, I'm not certain. Last time I saw her she'd had so much plastic surgery she could just looked...odd. I mean, Joan Rivers odd.

Mom's dad was an alcoholic & might have beaten up Mom's mom. I'm not certain, by the time I knew them, they were at least cordial and while he drank beer I only saw him drunk a couple times.

Dad's dad might have beaten up his wife, but since the whole divorce each other & marry neighbors thing was weird, I don't know what was going on. Oh, and he kidnapped my dad and left dad with the grandparents as part of a custody dispute. But didn't take dad's older sister.

Dad's stepdad's mom might have been a prostitute. He remembers visiting her once before he went into the 1930's version of foster care (hey, anybody need an extra set of hands, there's this available 7-year-old).

Don't ask about Aunt D's kids. The daughter is fine but only the gay son is any good at all, and only in comparison to his brothers. His brothers are pretty much useless. And D's husband died because while she was visiting her sister, he 'felt fine and didn't take his heart medicine.'

See? It's all normal, petty crap.

04-02-2008, 03:13 AM
Not so much 'sucky' as 'aiding in the creation of a possible abomination' my 2nd-cousin is playing Goku in the live action DBZ movie. So maybe that's a vote for crazy.

I've got a born again uncle on my Mom's side who loves to lecture on how evil homosexuals and pagans are but then when I call him on it (as I am both) he tries to pull the 'oh well YOU'RE not but all the others are'.

Beyond that I just have an uncle and aunt who both just try to scheme how to get the grandparent's beachfront house in Victoria.

04-02-2008, 04:29 AM
Not so much 'sucky' as 'aiding in the creation of a possible abomination' my 2nd-cousin is playing Goku in the live action DBZ movie. So maybe that's a vote for crazy.

Dude, I'd love to have a family member in the live DBZ movie. Hell, I'd die happen if I were casted in it.

Andara Bledin
04-02-2008, 04:52 AM
Not so much 'sucky' as 'aiding in the creation of a possible abomination' my 2nd-cousin is playing Goku in the live action DBZ movie.

Now that's cool and sad at the same time.

First, it's cool that your 2nd cousin is going to be staring in the live action DBZ movie.

But it's so, so sad that they're making a live action DBZ movie. It'll be, what, 45 minutes of posing, 30 minutes of posturing, and about 10 minutes of actual fighting, right?


04-02-2008, 05:17 AM
Andara, you forgot another 10 minutes of grunting or growling.

04-02-2008, 03:13 PM
Man. I thought the whale story was pretty messed up, but compared to some of the sad, horrible stuff you guys are posting, my family is the picture of normal. At least pretty much everyone (with only one exception) loves their children and has everyone else's back.

I've had to deal with with some fuckedupedness in my life, but at the end of the day, I never thought I was unloved or that I wouldn't be taken care of. I'm really very lucky.

I'm sorry some of you have had to deal with some of this stuff. :(

04-03-2008, 12:39 AM
Not so much 'sucky' as 'aiding in the creation of a possible abomination' my 2nd-cousin is playing Goku in the live action DBZ movie. So maybe that's a vote for crazy.


04-04-2008, 04:59 AM

Seconded! :D

I actually interviewed (Via e-mail)the English voice actor for the Supreme Kai aka Kaioshin, for my HS anime club.

Well, lesse. I had some great grandparents, seriously, they were perfect, and awesome.

Then I have the crazy ones.

First, they think my Mom is evil, and made sure to tell my dad that every chance they got.

Second, when my Dad died, they wanted a copy of the police report, and when my mom sent it, they got a second one from the Police to make sure my mom wasn't hiding anything.

Third, I told them how abusive my dad was, and how he treated us (His three children) and his wife. They told me I shouldn't lie, as lying was a sin, and I should get professional help (I cried more from that than from my dads death -_-).

Fourth, they illegally put a second grave-marker on his grave (It was my mom's plot that she'd bought, very illegal) that had the words "Beloved Son, Father, Brother, Cousin, Nephew... etc" but left out husband, and only husband (Seriously, they had cousin and nephew on it...). The first one was a spiffy one from the military, he'd been a MP for a few years as tried to become a Correctional Officer (He succeeded as well).

Note: When my mom gives me control over this, I plan on going there with a sledgehammer, and mailing them the pieces. With "Husband" chiseled on. Drastic? Yes. Sweet revenge? YES.

Fifth, they wanted some of my Dad's stuff. Specifically a piggy bank (Yes, a PIGGY BANK) that he'd had as a kid, but had given to me and later my brother (I ran out of shelf space XD ), and a photo album. They asked my mom for it, my Mom asked for some time to think about it. They then contacted my aunts/uncles to try and put pressure on my mom. My mom said "F%$k no", they haven't talked since.

And sixth.

At the funeral, they spent the whole time essentially interrogating everyone about what happened, they really did think my mom had killed him... -_-

They did a lot more, but this what I was there for, and can judge them with.

My other grandparents MORE than made up for it. Turns out my Mom's dad was in the CIA, and did lots of stuff I STILL can't say. :D

I can say he worked on the SR-71, specifically the paint, he even took some bootleg photos to show his kids, and kept a can of the skunk works paint, but lost it in a move. It's a joke I like to tell (considering his hobbies) that there's a birdhouse somewhere in Virginia that is invisible to radar :D

And my Grandma... I wouldn't eat all day on days we'd visit. She could COOK. Good ol southern cookin, with a northern twist.

Me is ranting, me is sorry. The good ones more than made up for the crappy ones I never got to see all that much (And was more than glad I didn't). Though the uncle who works for NASA would have been cool to talk too :(

zzapp the witch
04-04-2008, 07:25 AM

My late husband's mother (I found out after the funeral) held him down when he was 7 so that her boyfriend could anally rape him. Repeatedly. Did the same to his little sister...she was 2.

At the wake, she kept trying to snatch my 2 boys, then 2 yrs, and 8 mos. My youngest was asleep and she kept trying to tear at him through the blankets as my mother was holding him. (I was a zombie, people were leading me around by the hand, I was no help). Thank god for fiesty Italian adopted family.

At the mass, (he was Catholic) after everything was done and they'd put the flag back over the casket, this woman, who was standing right behind me, put her hand on my shoulder and says VERY LOUDLY in a small church, (it echoed), "Jennifer, when you remarry, I hope that you'll still consider your sons members of OUR family." WTF lady, my husband just died, and I can reach out and touch the box he's in, and you're talking about me getting remarried? THAT was the only moment in time I saw ANY emotion or reaction from the honor guard sent from West Point to escort hubby's body. (Focusing on them kept me from falling down all over the place).

At the cemetary, when hubby's father (a wonderful man) set out chairs for me, my mother, and hubby's foster mother, MIL starts whining, "Well, I'm his mother where's my chair???" Foster mother was a feisty Italian, thought she'd rip MIL's eyes out.

Twin Paternal Great-Uncles

My paternal grandmother's brothers were a piece of work. Aside from being so identical their own wives couldn't tell them apart, they'd swap the girls back and forth (to this day we don't know which cousins belong to which uncle) and then threaten to kill each other over it. One instance comes to mind where they were chasing each other around the local gas station with pistols....

On the day uncle #1 died, uncle #2 went in, saw that his brother was not only dead, but still warm even. HE TOOK HIS WALLET AND SOCIAL SECURITY CHECK and used his dead brother's ID to cash the check. And of course there's nothing that can be done, because the time of death was just close enough that no one can prove that still alive uncle was the one that actually cashed it.

Paternal Grandmother

This woman is my grandmother only biologically, my step-grandma is my REAL grandma. My father's mother is truly an amazing specimen in her own right. My grandfather raised 4 kids, while actually fathering only one. All of my dad's younger siblings dads' were various neighbors that lived down the road.

When my dad was 11, she lined up all the kids in the living room, looked at my grandfather and said, "I'm leaving and taking the girls with me, I have no use for these other two."

My dad recalled once how his mom would wake him up, hitting him in the middle of the night, screeching at him about the mess he had made of the house. In fact, she'd had a party of some kind while granddad was out, trashed the place, and beat my dad til he'd clean it all up.

None of us girls were ever allowed to wear leggings or stirrup pants because those were what my grandmother wore when dad was little.


In jail for killing his wife's boyfriend and attempting to kill her....or hiring someone to do it. He had it coming, he'd been cheating on her for years.

I like to make the joke that if we really wanted to have a family reunion, we'd have to go to San Quentin. And there's a whole branch of the family we haven't associated with for generations because they openly practice certain....."breeding practices". In fact, I'm almost certain I saw a family resemblance in name, and features....cept the eyes were crossed and the teeth were bucked....on Jerry Springer.

Older First Cousin

I was 17, innocent, naive, never been kissed, saving myself for marriage. He was 26, engaged, and had been around the block a few times. Pretty sad to say that my first kiss was my cousin that tried oh-so-hard to take my virginity, not once, but TWICE! Then told my aunt that I was the one trying to take advantage of him. Had so much shit being talked behind my back for years about what a slut I was, til a couple of years ago when she made a comment about me having kids from two dads and both dads being out of my life and, "I should learn to behave like a lady." Looked her dead in the eye and said, "I still have the occasional nightmare about your son." Subject seems to have died now.

What else....


Hubby reached a stage where he like to beat and rape me towards the end of our marriage (I think he killed himself because I left him, or he woke up to his own nightmare). He wasn't too bad for most of it, then its like he went off the deep end.


My daughter's paternal grandmother (daughter's from my ex bf) used to leave X on the porch of their trailer all night with a package of crackers while she woo'd her new victim. (Woman's been married 6 times now, soon to be 7....to husband number 5). She'd drain these men of all the money they had then move on to the next one. Taught her son to do the same....then funnel the money for her. Somehow she bought a Miata while living on Public Assistance and not working, and I had a sudden gap of $50k in my savings account. Never could prove anything though.


Has at least 5 kids my 5 different women now. Has been married 4 times, wanted to marry me, thank God I said no. My daughter is his #3 child, he hasn't bothered to see her since Dec 26 of 2004. His mother tried and tried to convince me to put his name on the title to the house I bought, again, thank God I said no. Took one car I bought, forged my signature on the title and traded it in for a POS (it was a 1961 Ford truck, and pretty nice for a Ford, he traded it in on a crappy falling apart Taurus). Got his hands on my other car, I stole it back, and his best friend of all people, escorted him over to sign off on the title and promised to kick the shit out of him if he harassed me anymore.

He also takes it up the butt for coke......yeah. There's something I would've liked to know off the bat.

EDIT: Is it bad that I reread my post and just started laughing my ass off? I mean really, some of this stuff is just so unbelievably funny, that people would make these decisions....

04-04-2008, 09:11 AM
My mothers side:

My grandfathers brother in law. He touched my mother in a way that is not cool, back when she was younger.
The same uncle of my mother and his wife, were total bitches. They always talked down my grandmother. My grandpa didn't put up with that crap. Hell they put down everybody.
One of my grandmothers sisters was killed by a group of high schoolers when she was in HS.

My fathers side:

My grandmother cheated on my grandfather and blame him for the divorce.
My father has 4 brothers. My grandmother favors the youngest 2 the most, because they do not know that she cheated on my grandfather.
Back when he worked for Chuck E. Cheese, he walked in there with a couple of guns. Luckily he didn't shot up the place. And after he got out of jail, he sold drugs over the internet and got caught. So he went to jail and he is now a born again Christian. He is actually helping out a missionary over sea's, along with another Uncle of mine.
Another uncle of mine, would live with my parents for a while before they had me. My dad had convertible that he said that he should have saved. But instead he gave it to my uncle and he ended up selling it. He is also a born again Christian.
I have an aunt that killed her sister, because she wanted to be with my uncle. They are together to this day. And he started his own Pentecostal Church and is helping out the other uncle above with the Missionary.

Yeah my family was mostly fucked up.
*Side note* ~ Yes my family on my fathers side is Pentecostal, which is like a subdivision of the Christian Faith. And yes, I do consider myself it also.

I do not want this to be turned into a religious debate. Lets keep that for Fratching (http://www.fratching.com) instead

04-04-2008, 01:13 PM
Here's one for you...after my grandmother's house was sold, my aunt decided to be a bitch. She got upset because I was given my grandfather's collection of 1940s jazz records. Supposedly, because my cousin was given the (non-working...and used as an end table) record player, she thought he should get the records too. Never mind that Grandma had given me them many years previously. But, when my mother found out about what she'd said, she was pissed. Why? Mainly because my aunt *never* came home to see Grandma. 2 years on, I still have them :)

04-04-2008, 02:20 PM
Heh sure first thing I say to the guy since we were like 7 is 'So can I get some autographs'? That being said the movie doesn't actually look that bad, it's a rewrite of the original Dragon Ball story line with a slightly older Goku(Teenage instead of child). Emmy Rossum and James Marsters are in it as well (see now I wish I was closer to the guy, go visit the cousin meet James Marsters, have several fanboy moments in rapid succession and then die happy). But even with what sounds like a decent movie I'm worried, mainly 'cause it's being produced by Fox. ^_^

04-04-2008, 02:27 PM
Just remember another story from my dad's side. About a year before I was born my parent's got a call. It was the Whore (my father's mother). She told my dad that he need to go pick up his mentally challenged older brother at a local gas station. It's the middle of the night and my dad goes to get him. He gets to the gas station to find my uncle dressed in bad drag. The Whore had dressed him up and told him to go into the gas station to get her some aspirin. My father was so fucking pissed. I don't even know my uncle and I get mad thinking about it. Especially considering where the Whore dropped him off, he could have been jumped for the way he looked by some of the assholes in that area.

It's really sad, my uncle doesn't trust anyone in the family because of the lies the Whore told him. He doesn't trust my dad or my aunt. I've only seen him once that I can remember and that was at my cousin's wedding a few years ago. I know when I was little he would visit him, but I don't think my uncle has allowed my dad to see him in awhile. I hope he's doing well in the assisted living home I heard he was in.

04-04-2008, 02:39 PM
Heh sure first thing I say to the guy since we were like 7 is 'So can I get some autographs'? That being said the movie doesn't actually look that bad, it's a rewrite of the original Dragon Ball story line with a slightly older Goku(Teenage instead of child). Emmy Rossum and James Marsters are in it as well (see now I wish I was closer to the guy, go visit the cousin meet James Marsters, have several fanboy moments in rapid succession and then die happy). But even with what sounds like a decent movie I'm worried, mainly 'cause it's being produced by Fox. ^_^

I don't mean to double post, but all I have to say his OMG you just made my day. I had no clue James Marsters what going to be in the movie. You've just made me have a combined DBZ/Buffy the Vampire Slayer fangirl moment. :lol:

04-04-2008, 05:30 PM
Ah my mother

she was a good mother accept she is afraid of germs. She barley cared for me and my brother when we were sick. Whenever I was sick the most she would do is buy meds and cook us meals. However she put them somewhere and we had to go fetch them. When I was REALY sick with mono I think I saw her 5-8 times in them month I was sleeping 18 hours a day. However twice when I had surgery she would wait of me hand and foot.

My mother is an SC. She believes that retail companies make so much money that she will use any means to get one over on them. And she loves making returns months past the return date. One day she dragged me to every target in Maryland to return a rug. they would not take it without a receipt(she tried to mutilate it to cover up the purchase date) and because it was discontinued and currently on clearance. She also drives CSR crazy and loves to give them a hard time until she gets someone to cave in.

My mother also watches FOX news all day long. So she has some very messed up opinions and world views.

04-04-2008, 06:01 PM


.....my eleventh-great-uncle was beheaded in the Wars of the Roses?


04-04-2008, 07:16 PM


.....my eleventh-great-uncle was beheaded in the Wars of the Roses?


My great-great (great?) uncle was Black Jack Kehoe. He was a Molly McGuire, and hung for a crime he probably didn't commit. The governor of PA pardoned him posthumously in the 70s. Damn you Pinkerton Detective Agency!!

Andara Bledin
04-05-2008, 02:35 AM
I don't mean to double post, but all I have to say his OMG you just made my day. I had no clue James Marsters what going to be in the movie. You've just made me have a combined DBZ/Buffy the Vampire Slayer fangirl moment. :lol:

Yeah, he's playing Piccolo. I'll be interested in seeing how he does. (I'm a Piccolo fan)


I'm related to Chief Joseph of the Turtle Clan, Iriquois tribe, and all that.
I'm also obliquely related to Thomas Hardy.
Also Oliver Hardy.

I had a relative sometime back who was put in the stocks for picking peas on a Sunday, too.


zzapp the witch
04-05-2008, 03:57 AM
my eleventh-great-uncle was beheaded in the Wars of the Roses?

Woot! The men in our family were all beheaded in the Wars of the Roses, too! Our lands and titles were stripped, and we were banished to Scotland....migrated to Ireland, and then came to America! Family story says we were cousins of whoever the losing guy was in the War....forget the name atm.....

(It'd be cool if you were on some branch of my family!)

04-05-2008, 05:55 AM
I almost forgot one of my cousins, who has 5 kids by his first wife and I don't even know how many grandkids, had his first marriage annulled. :wtf:

04-05-2008, 03:43 PM
Where do I start?

My father, is a complete jackass alcoholic. His new wife is a bitch, and she drinks box wine.

My uncle, he is gay, and several times, he has tried to convert me to be gay, but I resisted. His partner, is a music producer, and he got a grammy this year. My aunt, is the only one I can stand on my dad's side.

My cousins on my dads side are another story:

One, is absolutley lazy, and doesn't do anything, yet he's an artist.
The other, is in to stage productions and the like, I'm beginning to think my uncle converted him.

On my mothers side, is the jackpot!

My grandparents I can actually stand.

My oldest aunt, lives in California with her three kids, since one of them is in College. The three that still live with her, are spoiled rotten, and they have an "I'm better then you, so you should go die" attitude.

My second oldest aunt, who lives in kansas, is basically Belezebub in human form. My cousins who are in Kansas, i like them.

My uncle(their only boy child) I like, he's cool.

The next aunt, lives in St. Louis. She's a tad strange, we don't know where she came from.

My mother, is downright scary. When she is pissed, you can't even get near her.

My youngest aunt: recently divorced, has two kids, and yet she thinks its party time.

My stepfather's family:

His middle sister and her husband are stark raving mad liberals. They have even taught their son to spit at republicans. I was told once by their son that my "Party is the devil, and you should be expelled from earth" He's only 11. I hate kids that think they are so political.

Anyways, that is my family.

Oh, my distant cousin, Bono is not liked by anyone in the family; here and in Ireland.

04-06-2008, 03:34 PM
Woot! The men in our family were all beheaded in the Wars of the Roses, too! Our lands and titles were stripped, and we were banished to Scotland....migrated to Ireland, and then came to America! Family story says we were cousins of whoever the losing guy was in the War....forget the name atm.....

(It'd be cool if you were on some branch of my family!)

Lol. It would. Tenth cousin once removed or something random like that. :D

After nosing through my dad's family tree stuff...the name was Lawrence Bathurst, and the man was apparently a mate of Henry VI, and was chopped by the Yorkists for his association with the Lancastrians in 1464. Lands were stripped near Sussex at Bodenhurst, and they settled in Kent...

Blargh. Waaay OT>

04-06-2008, 07:18 PM
Wow. :eek:

When I read the first post in this thread, I thought I might tell about my sister-in-law, who makes a good living but still mooches off everyone else in the family, especially her poor mother. But after reading the rest of the stories here, I think I'll just keep quiet.

04-06-2008, 07:33 PM
Am I weird because I don't really have any sucky relatives (at least nowhere near as sucky as those posted)? Or just lucky? :confused:

04-06-2008, 10:45 PM
Why d'ya think I'm talking about Mr. Bathurst up there. My family's relatively normal.

04-07-2008, 04:58 AM
Am I weird because I don't really have any sucky relatives (at least nowhere near as sucky as those posted)? Or just lucky? :confused:

I vote for LUCKY.

04-08-2008, 12:54 AM
I vote for LUCKY.

I second this vote. A normal family may be boring but at least there's less of a chance of seeing a relative on Springer.

04-08-2008, 04:18 AM
I would like to preface this by saying this man was no father of mine, he merely donated biological material. My daddy is a wonderful man and I love him dearly. Who cares I didn't meet him till I was 5? :D

The man who sired me had 6 kids that I know of for sure. Had 2 with wife #1, me and my brother with wife #2, and two others with wife #3. This story is about my oldest half brother, Junior. Keep in mind he was really a junior, this man's NAMESAKE!

Well, the first sucky thing he did was get him hooked on heroin. Thank god Junior got off it, but in such a drastic way... apparently, daddy dearest and Junior were shooting up together by some railroad tracks. They nodded off or something. Father of the year comes out of it, and wanders off, leaving his son laying half across the tracks. There is speculation that the train is what roused our fine specimen of slimehood. At any rate, Junior was left there - for the train to run over! Seriously, this man has only one leg because our father left him on the tracks.

He did more, but nothing could compare to that. Although I am still pissed at him for giving my mom hepatitis when she was pregnant with me, causing me to develop antibodies. End result? I can never donate blood. :(

At least he is finally free of his addictions.