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04-25-2008, 11:34 PM
This happened some years ago but, I think it's worth retelling.

My Boss and I were the sole paid employees in the library. We both liked quirky office supplies and decided to buy two large boxes of colorful file folders. We'd use our own money to buy these bits of fruit colored happiness. We pooled our funds, wrote up the order and sent off the check.

The order arrived and it wasn't what we'd ordered. We received two large boxes of manila folders and a check for the difference in price. It was my job to call the supplier and explain the situation. Here's a close approximation of how the call ran:

CSR = Customer Service Representative. A magnificent example of her craft. :)

ME = :p Callow, youthful sort.

CSR = X company. How may I help you today?

ME = Good afternoon. We have a problem with an order.

[Usual rigmarole of order number follows]

CSR = Yes, Ma'am. I see that you ordered two boxes of item xxx-xx and two boxes of item yyy-yy were sent. We apologize for the error. We'll get your proper order out right away.

ME = Thank you very much for that but I have a few more questions.

CSR = Please, Ma'am go ahead [The poor lady was probably fearing the worst :confused:]

Me = How do we return the order we received from you and what do we do about the refund check? Do we put the check in with the order or mail it with a letter of explanation to a different address?

CSR = You needn't return the manila folders, Ma'am. If you can use them please keep them with our compliments. Also, you needn't return the check. The error was ours and the check is yours to keep. [and the angel choirs sing :angel:]

ME = Well, thank you so much.

CSR = You're welcome Ma'am. We hope you'll do business with X Company again.

Did we ever ;) How often do you get two big boxes of plain folders and two big boxes of colored folders for the cost of the plain variety. The refund check was also enough for the two of us to get ourselves a nice Chinese lunch.