View Full Version : Why would you assume that?(long)

08-12-2008, 06:28 AM
So today we had this gem...

Part 1: SC calls store

This SC called the Service desk and asked if we carried two particular products, both in frozen. Our policy is to park the call and make a page "<dept X> telephone call on XXX for customer assistance, <dept x> telephone call on XXX." The Service desk clerk tells the SC that she will transfer them to frozen, and to please hold and makes the page and about 30 seconds later the frozen dept. person comes in my back room (my phone was closest) and tries to answer the call. They punch in the number to which the phone says "NO CALL ON XXX."

The SC decided that holding for 30 seconds was too long and hung up.

Part 2: the SC arrives

This SC assumed that no response means we have the product in stock.:confused: The show up and look in frozen, did not see said product and finds me.

SC: Hellooooooo!
Me: Hi! can I help you.
SC: I called earlier about <x product> and I do not see it.
Me: Ok. Let me call frozen and see if they have it in stock.
SC: actually, i called about 15 minutes ago and i spoke to the service desk who transferred me and I waited on hold for 15 minutes but no one answered so I assumed you had it so I came here. *Why? WTF? riiiiight... 15 minutes, after about 1 minute the phone will ring back at the ext. that parked the call*
Me: Ok. just let me get frozen and check.

I page frozen and get the frozen manager, who comes out to help the SC. The frozen manger see it is out of stock and punches it in the gun and sees it is come back "OOS - MFGR. ISSUE" The frozen manager tells the SC that it is a manufacture issue and we have no control over it. The SC leaves.

Part 3: Across the street

Not satisfied, the SC goes across the street to another supermarket. Their the SC call us from their parking lot. They want to speak to the manager.

They talk to the MOD, where they claim we were rude and unhelpful. They claim we forced them across the street with our lack of help. They hate the store across the street. The MOD apologizes for the SC's "horrible" treatment and the Sc seems satisfied with that and hates into the other store, that she hates, to attempt to purchase a item they most likely won't have.

This is just so stupid on so may levels. You call us to find out if we have a particular product in stock, before we can tell you, you hang up, assume we have it and come here. You then complain that we don't have it and you drove here for nothing. You go across the street, calls us and complain that we were rude an unhelpful, but you will try the store you hate.:cry: