View Full Version : Christmas Eve shopper

01-27-2009, 06:20 PM
This happened in 2004 if my memory serves me correctly. I was a cashier at an odd lots type store. We were in the process of closing, and the manager had already made the announcement that the store was closed.
By this time all of the cashiers other then the front end supervisor had already floated out there tills so I was the only cashier up front still. This one customers finally came up and started putting her things on the counter, but at the same time kept running back towards the toy department to get more things. By this time the manager had made the announcement to the staff that they were all free to punch out and go home. This customers was still running back and getting more stuff. To her credit she was nice about it and didn't get mean.
Of course by this time I was pretty livid inside since I knew if I left right then and there I would have just made it to church for there Christmas Eve service (which I had been looking forward to all day). After she left and the manager was in back floating out my tray he complimented me on the fact that I was very professional with the customer, and also with the way I was with an earlier sucky customer (which I don't remember the details of any more.