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03-04-2009, 01:31 AM
My family and I went out for a meal at my FAVOURITE pub. It's a family pub, the staff are excellent, and they serve an AMAZING carvery. I have been there six times in the past three weeks, and that is a lot considering I NEVER eat out.

So, we walk in and find ourselves a table. This pub operates under the same kind of system as the pub I work in. You find your own table. You order the food at the bar, and you pay for it there and then. We walk past a middle aged couple, who look VERY confused.

The man stuck his fingers in his mouth and started whistling!

SC: *whistles* Hello!?!? Hello?!?!

He whistles a couple more times. He turns to his wife.

SC: What does it take to get a little table service here?!?! I am BEING IGNORED!!

My dad and I walked up to the bar to order our food. I spoke to one of the barmaids.

Me: Umm, I think that guy is trying to get your attention.
Barmaid: Oh yes. He comes in here all the time and wants "special service" We're just ignoring him until he either gets pissed off and goes away, or comes up to the bar.
Me: I'd probably do the same.
Barmaid: Also, I'm not a dog. I don't respond to whistling.

The SC eventually went to the bar to get his service, but it was AFTER my food had arrived.

03-04-2009, 02:19 AM
Two really odd pet peeves here of mine from both when I was a host/waitress and also when I'm out and about.

When there's a sign that says "Please seat yourself" and people stand there and stand there, and do like what the OP describes.....whistle or yell or throw temper tantrums to get sat right meow...


People who see the "Please wait to be seated" sign and go ahead and sit themselves right at a dirty table, then proceed to give all the staff dirty looks. Or people who I was trying to seat, and I'd go to put their menus down, and come to find out, they didn't even follow me. They sat wherever they wanted. Is it too hard to just ask "Miss, could we please sit here instead?"

The funniest offenders of this one were the senior citizens at the Norwegian restaurant. They'd come in hoping the hostess wasn't at her post, and they'd try to sneak by as fast as possible so that they could sit wherever they wanted. Even though unless it was totally swamped, it was no big deal to accomodate people's requests to sit elsewhere. In all honesty......I was 14-16 at that time.....obviously I was much faster than an 80 year old couple trying to whizz past me with their canes and walkers. But I guess they really, really wanted their special spot and no one was going to sit them elsewhere!