View Full Version : Self sighting! And Subway pet peeve!

03-11-2009, 12:41 AM
My Dutch boyfriend and I decided to go to Subway here in Gothenburg and the woman behind the counter took my order in swedish and that was fine but then she turned to my boyfriend and asked him in swedish what he wanted.

But he doesn't speak swedish so I said "English" and it came across rude, I thought. I should have explained in a different way that my boyfriend needed to order in English instead of just saying "English".

I wanted to apologise but he had already started ordering and they were in the middle of his sandwich so I said nothing.

Then at the end I asked if the woman behind the counter could warm up my finished sandwich in the microwave and she said no!

I asked why not and she said the lettuce would go soggy and I said I know I like it that way!

So she finally stuck it in there for about 7 seconds and it was not nearly enough. That's the way it always is. So I never order subway anymore unless I'm bringing it somewhere that has a microwave.

The point is I felt bad about saying "English" in such an abrupt way and then at the end when I had a chance to appologise I forgot about it because I was annoyed about my sandwich.

Feels better to have shared though!