View Full Version : just a humerous story a friend told me about his job

06-25-2009, 08:03 AM
So I heard this from a friend. who works at a store that sells food. Sounds like hubstay. (got it?)

Anyways they had a sale at one point for foot long sandwhichs ANY sandwhich for... say $6 (i dont know the exact price just that it was less than the reg. price).

there was several signs in the store. one on the door, on the wall and a big giant one where customers place their orders stating this was on ANY sandwhich in the store.

C: customer
F: my friend (the worker)

C: is the sale price on ANY sandwhich?
F: (deciding to have some fun w/her) Oh no.. It's only on meatball subs, pizza subs, chicken breast and...
C: But. the sign says 'on all sandwhiches'
F: Oh, so you ARE aware of the sign then?

The customer smiled and laughed so she wasn't an SC. I just thought it was an amusing story. (so more of a dumb customer than a sucky one)