View Full Version : Parcel Pickup =/= exit

08-20-2009, 04:46 AM
Dear customers,

The Parcel Pick-up is NOT an exit. Yes, there is a sign there that says "no entrance to unauthorized personnel." No, it is not an exit, there is a fire door that you missed a few hundred metres back. If that's your exit, then go through there. We can't lock the door (for obvious reasons) so we really don't care if you do go through there.



(Although it is rather funny to watch them walk in, fail to figure out how to open the roller door and then stumble out and ask the person nearby if it's an exit...)

And a bonus round...

Can people PLEASE read the sign that says "customer enquiries?" I am NOT a manager. I am NOT a supervisor. I only have as much power as my register. So why do you keep coming to me for a return, or for a job? I cannot do either of them. Just because I bother to act professional, does not mean that I am a supervisor/manager.