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10-05-2009, 05:54 PM
As I have stated in other threads, since I work in the shipping department of the store, I rarely ever deal with customers. so my "sucky customer" stories are very few. but I have a co-worker that tries her best to fill that void in my life.


I only work weekdays, so her usual question to me every day is "how was your weekend" or "any plans this weekend?". it's all fine and good if I told her I actually did anything that weekend the week before, but even when I tell her "not doing a thing this weekend" she'll ask the next week what I did. she is the type of person who goes to clubs every weekend and doesn't figure why a person may like to just relax or do art all weekend. I know it sounds minor, but she asks it every day... it gets really annoying.

stupid questions

she has a real habbit of asking questions while she is doing the thing that would answer it, or not attempting to figure it out on her own.... or a question that no one would ask in the first place. she does this so she has control of the conversations. she likes to lead them on, so the best way to start a conversation is with a question... so if there is a moment of delicious silence, she will chime in with a question no one cares about.


I have to go across a relativly busy street to get shipments to send out. we put them in used store bags so they are all seperate, i grab them when I go over, and then I come back and pack them up. when she comes accross the street (to do something on one of the computers) empty handed, tells me I have shipments, and when I go over there is only one bag... i get angry. you couldn't carry that tiny bag over for me!? you had to come over, empty handed, and tell me of that one shipment you didn't bring over? thanks...

knows... everything

to bring back control of a conversation or attempt to seem "smart" she always seems to have an opinion or knowledge of something no one else could possibly have. you could be talking about sky diving with a zebra and I am sure she will have some story about sky diving with rhinos, or some type of info she read somewhere that she is now an expert of. it drives my other co-worker crazy, and she vents to me about it every week. for this, I am thankful I don't work in the store itself.

rich B&*^#

she grew up in "luxary" it is obvious. I grew up in some wealth too, but my folks made sure I knew the value of money, and was gratful for what I had. her parents obviously didn't do that. she talks about bad evil companies like star bucks, but then shops at the overpriced clothing stores where they get their clothes through child labor (maybe... lol).

When I got lunch from subway she asked how much it was. I told her my lunches are usually under 10 bucks, but subway is the best at 7 bucks. she then put on a surprised face and says "I have never had a lunch for under 10 bucks!" I tell her how I have 5 place i go that are under 10, and many more that would be under 5 (if I wanted greesy fastfood). she scoffs and says she doesn't eat food at any of those places because they aren't "nice" enough.... ok... whatever.

vent over :)

10-07-2009, 10:49 PM
i guess you can tell her "so what? i like making my money last longer than you do"

as for your weekend activities... the :devil: in me says f*** with her head

tell her that you were skinning small animals and dancing in their blood