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11-11-2009, 04:34 PM
*posting it here as I'm assuming it was a brain burp on this woman's part, but I don't have specifics on the situation*

Without going into detail, one of our very longtime church members recently passed away, the funeral is being held at the church this weekend, and this woman who was a friend of the family was interested in having flowers delivered here for the service. She supposedly called the church office regarding this on Monday, only to be told that there was no such service planned. So she called one of the deceased person's daughters about it, and the latter contacted "Pastor Nancy" regarding the "miscommunication".

Odd thing was, I had received no such phone call during office hours on Monday....the only non-church member I'd heard from was a woman who'd called asking if we provided assistance with paying bills. And there wasn't any voicemail of that nature when I got here yesterday, so it's a mystery as to what number the "Flower Lady" had called, whom she spoke with, and when this happened.