View Full Version : My Dad was an SC...to me!

12-07-2006, 06:39 AM
My very first job in high school was working in a CD store. I suspect I got the job because my Dad dropped a good amount of money there every month, but I kept the job because I became one of their best salespeople (in the top 3 every month! :D )

Now, Pops was a preferred customer at the shop. He'd come in, browse (classical music) and then he'd hand a stack of CD's to the assistant, who would put them on his "buy a little later" shelf.

Shortly after getting paid, I wanted to give my Dad a present. So I looked on his shelf, grabbed a likely looking title and bought it for him. That evening, he comes by to pick me up, and while I'm cashing up and sweeping, he notices that a CD is missing from his shelf!

Immediately, his face went :mad:. He started to bluster over how they're not allowed to move these CD's, how could someone have sold it, he's going to find out who sold it and have their job, rant rant rave rave.

Now, I didn't want to tell him that I'd bought for him til we got home, so I said to him that maybe the CD got knocked off the shelf and damaged, and they wanted to get a new one in. Nope, that doesn't appease the firey volcano that is my father, he carries on and on and on in true SC style.

Now, I was getting a little upset. He's basically threatening to get someone fired over a piddling CD that could be ordered and delivered in 3 days. I know he wasn't planning on buying it for the next 2 weeks, so I kind of lost it with him in the car (not my proudest moment :no: )

I hauled out the CD from my bag, dropped it in his lap, told him "here's your precious CD" and got out of the car (we were about 10 minutes away from home at that point).

Boy, was he sheepish after that. And since then he's been a little more considerate and understanding towards retail workers!