View Full Version : Was a little too evil to an evil old man (Very Long Story)

12-11-2006, 01:59 AM
Let me start off by saying that I have been at work for 12 hours and have 4 more before I can leave. And the old man provoked me. :angel: :p

Yesterday because it was a slow night and coworker had a family emergency I was the only employee in hotel. This evil old man comes in and was like I want a room for tonight thru Monday for two adults. So I told him that the price for Saturday was 95 and that Sunday was 155. So he has a fit that is worse then I have ever seen. So I just stand there staring at him trying not to smirk and roll my eyes. So as this continued phones started ringing off the hook and some one came to check in and another person needed directions. Finally every thing settles down and he said he would stay one night and went on his merry way. Finally a coworker could come in so I could have a smoky treat and all was well.

I came in this morning to cover coworkers shift and all is good until noon. I am in the back office taking a reservation. Old man walks up to counter and starts talking to coworker. He starts telling coworker that when he checked in he wasn't sure if he would stay two nights but that the person who checked him in said that if he decided to stay he could get same rate. Which I heard and popped my head around corner and said "Excuse me I heard my name mentioned can I help you? I thought the man was going to drop dead at seeing me. :lol: He quickly walked out of the lobby and got in car.

Just now I was sitting in back office eating my dinner when a call came in for M.O.D which is me unfortunately. So I pick up the phone and asked how could I help them. I guess he didnt pay any attention to my name when I said it and he said he wanted to place a complaint about the front desk clerk who checked him in the night before and was rude. He went on to say that I was very rude again when he checked out and that I ignored him to talk on the phone. He insisted that I tell the head manager in the morning. So that the "incompetent desk clerk" would be fired for treating such a loyal guest with disrespect. The last thing he asked for was to be able to stay for another night at the lower rate. I told him that the hotel was sold out so no we couldn't do that. He slammed the phone down on that.

I wish I was making the strange story up. I wanted to ask him for compensation for the brain cells of mine that he killed. :cry: Back to my dinner of pasta and red bull. Yum.

12-11-2006, 04:12 AM
Diabolical with a hint of humour. I like it!:devil: :lol: